Reformed shopaholic. Absent sister. Unapologetic perfectionist. Trainee wife. Severe OCD. Cat person.

That’s the short version.

I’m Wisaal. That’s  Wi•saal. One last try, [Wih-saahl]. No one gets it right & I’m ok with it now. I’ll accept your best attempt, but I need to feel like you’re at least trying…

So I guess you’re here because you want to know more about me…

As soon as I finished studying the big city lights called. Actually it was more of a case of “anywhere but here” so I packed my bags (well I just had 1 bag, a TV & a hi fi) & moved to Joburg where I earned my stripes at the best FMCG multinational in the world working on brands that I still love today. My next chapter merged my two loves fashion & people when I joined the HR team of South Africa’s biggest fashion retailer.

I’ve been cheating on Cape Town with Jozi for almost a decade but she calls me home often enough to remind me that I was born in the most beautiful city in the world. Don’t tell her but I’m equally in lust with Jozi. I’m her self-appointed ambassador, so no surprises when I made her heart, Jozi CBD my home.

Growing up in Cape Town Slaapstad, there were so many things I didn’t do. Things that didn’t even enter the realm of possibility for me, a girl from the Cape Flats but mostly just a trained & astute wallflower. Some because I couldn’t afford to, but mostly because I thought they were completely & utterly out of my reach. So Wiscellaneous, in part is me playing a bit of catch up  & proving to myself everyday through the cool folks that I meet, events I get to go to & just through what’s now become everyday experiences that anything & I mean anything is possible (I mean here I am, writing a blog & you’re reading it right!?). I’ve come learn that 9 out 10 times the things I try have worked. I’m still no social butterfly but that stat that alone keeps me trying my luck again & again…

Be warned… blogging to me is a bit like thinking out loud & let’s just say my brain never switches off…


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