How I’m using my shea butter

I realise this post is insanely overdue but forgive me. I won’t even attempt an excuse!

I’ve been meaning to write for a while now about the different ways I have been using my home-made whipped shea butter. I’m still pretty over the moon at having found shea butter in SA at all! For more on where I got it & how & what I mixed it up with, be sure to check out the original post over here.

So I didn’t expect it to be as versatile as it turned out & it’s going a really long way. I bought the 1kg tub (for +- R146) & for my 1st batch I mixed up just half of it (which I’m still using) & saved the other half. From the 1st batch that I made, I gifted some (loads of rave reviews there too), & I will definitely have enough from my current whipped batch to see me through well into March.

IMG_20121011_091235The final whipped shea butter product – good enough to eat!

In terms of how I practically use the shea butter, I tend to mix things up, depending on how my hair feels on a particular day. I have worked shea butter into my regime in the following ways (obviously I’m not doing all of this on the same day!):

1. Daily moisturizer

  • I melt a teaspoon or so in my hand (it melts in seconds with my body heat) & then apply lightly to my fro (on dry hair & scalp).
  • I’d do this mornings & or evenings & make sure I decant some & take it along with me if I’m travelling or at gym.
  • I would use my whipped shea butter when doing the LOC method (as the oil) – I don’t do this as often as I should…

2. Styling aid

  • Typically I style my hair from wet every morning, mostly after a co wash (cold rinse) & using some curl cream.
  • I experimented with using the whipped shea butter instead of a curl cream & it actually worked surprisingly well!
  • Same as above, I’d “melt” a teaspoon or so in my hand & work it lightly into wet hair with my fingers.
  • Then I’d wrap my hair up with a terry cloth/old t-shirt for a bit (lightly, so as not to crush the curls) to soak up the excess water.
  • I’d then let my hair air dry & not only were my curls great but my hair stays moisturized all day!

3. Deep Moisturizing Treatment

  • I would apply a liberal amount of shea butter to my hair in sections after a co wash (& after having combed it with a wide toothed comb while its laden with conditioner).
  • I then sleep with a secured shower cap/clingwrap & cold rinse in the morning.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a steamer or hood hair dryer you can definitely do that instead of the overnight treatment.


After an afternoon in & out of the pool at Suada Club in Istanbul my hair was still looking pretty decent!

4. To protect hair when swimming

  • I didn’t do this often but got the idea while on holiday. I later discovered that shea butter does in fact naturally have waterproofing & sun protective qualities.
  • I wet my hair with tap water & then applied the whipped shea butter liberally in sections before swimming.
  • This worked really well to protect my hair from chemicals & or salt water.
  • The whipped shea butter almost “sealed” my hair – when I came out of the water in between swims I could feel that it was still on my hair (hadn’t dissolved/washed away).
  • It also kept my fro from going “big” (see here to know what I mean) in between swims & kept it soft, curly & looking good.
  • I would shampoo & deep condition immediately after swimming.

I’m already thinking about what I should whip my remaining shea butter up with for the next round. I did coconut oil (evco) & grape seed oil last time (my current batch) – what do you think I should try the next round?

Discovering shea butter has turned out to be one of the top highlights of my natural hair journey. I can’t get enough of the stuff!

Be kind to your hair!


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2 Responses to How I’m using my shea butter

  1. Tiishetso says:

    i need it so desperately, mine must be the thirstiest, most porous, direst hair out there! placing my order, cant wait to try it. thanks for the heads up.

    BTW: remember i’m 8 weeks into my HHJ and still trying to find my groove /0\. I keep discovering products and rushing out to buy them. At this rate, i will producted-out of my little flat, my toiletery cupboard has no more space!

  2. Wisaal says:

    Hey, glad this helped – I love my shea butter. Let me know how it goes. Ps my blog have moved, join me on the new one, launched yesterday 🙂

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