Cape Town – you again?

It’s not that I’m late with this holiday post. It’s just that I’ve been hanging onto the memory of these sun-soaked days for as long as I possibly could in my head. I knew that writing the details this post would just make the longing worse.

A couple of last-minute days in Cape Town turned to two weeks. It wasn’t a choice but let me not pretend that it was all bad…

photoCar trouble. Yes really.

Stuck. Some 300kms outside of Cape Town between God-alone-knows-where & some dorpie whose name I still can’t remember. We waited 5 hours for help. 5 long hours that was only made better by the fact that we were stuck in a really pretty spot. And Twitter.


As soon as we got to Cape Town it was all forgotten.

We usually stay in the city, but this time we opted for the beach…


One of the things I miss most about living in Cape Town is Sunday afternoon drives. We spotted this beauty parked rather randomly.


Blouberg. I can’t think of a fitting caption so I’ll just shut up now.

165048_459425564106690_627999821_nLobster pizza (such a thing exists!).

You need to go to Shimmy Beach & have it as a matter of urgency. The best thing I ate on this entire vacation – and let me tell you that I ate a lot.


My nephew Liam gets cuter on every trip. And he knows it…

We packed lots of family time in though the clichéd truth is that it will never really be enough.


2am & there’s a shoot on Darling Street in the city centre…

IMG_20130127_235732Noordhoek. My favourite beach by a mile.

It’s far out, awkward to get to but I love it just because it’s this packed all year round 🙂


Picture perfect Bishopscourt -a girl can dream ok 🙂

I don’t mean to brag (ok maybe I do!) but I don’t really know what else to tell you. My home town is just really pretty everywhere you look. She doesn’t have a bad day or a bad angle!

For more pics, check out my personal photographer’s site here 🙂


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7 Responses to Cape Town – you again?

  1. Wow! Beautiful shots! Love it!

  2. Cape Town 🙂 It’s home. I luv this place (despite the flaws). It’s just too darn pretty.

  3. sema says:

    Gosh Cape Town’s beauty never gets tired!

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