My go-to dress style

I’m a sucker for maxi dresses, always have been. I have quite a collection of them already so I like to keep them different & interesting. I think it’s honestly because they’re quite forgiving & I just love the feeling of the dress moving with me as a I walk.

The perfect maxi dress for me is cinched at the waist (not at the bust), long to the floor (I’m 1.78m this can be a challenge!), has interesting detail(s) & is made of fabric thats divine to touch.

I  mentioned before that I’ve been off shopping for a while so when I was strolling down Long Street in Cape Town recently, I really wasn’t looking to buy anything when I came across a boutique little store Mungo & Jemima & saw this little gem calling my name….


Taupe stretch maxi dress with elastic waist R470. Source

So, funny story but the one side of the fitting room faces the road (Long Street) & in my excitement to try the dress on I didn’t quite draw the curtain all the way. Minutes later hubby came running in quite a flurry. Turns out I’d been putting on a little show for the car guards & they’d called up a few friends to watch too. I was blushing for days!

Anyway, the designer is Margot Molyneux, who I first discovered a few weeks back at The Old Biscuit Mill. The dress is from her Spring 2012 collection.


 The coral inset in the back sold me – such an unexpected, minimalist detail. Source

Can’t wait to wear mine. I’ll be pairing it with flat, open sandals & maybe a cardi as the weather starts to get chillier. So much prettiness!


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Reformed shopaholic. Unapologetic perfectionist. Trainee mama bear. Severe OCD. Cat person.
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2 Responses to My go-to dress style

  1. Nangamso says:

    Its gorgeous! I love that coral inset as well 🙂 I also love maxi dresses but because I’m so short (1,5m) I always end up not buying them or I need to take them in for shortening & sometimes its not worth it if the dress has an interesting pattern on the hemline…But I have a few treasured ones in my wardrobe 🙂

    • SO with you – love maxi’s. I often have the opposite problem where its not long enough – which can’t really be fixed/altered so I have to pass up the dress. Hate that look where there’s some leg & ankle showing – so frumpy!

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