TRESemmé Naturals – review

A year on & I think I’m kinda finding my groove on this natural hair thing. One of the products that’s become part of my regime is the TRESemmé naturals nourishing conditioner (750ml) for dry/damaged hair. I saw it coming up from time to time as being recommended for natural hair online & on other blogs  so I thought I’d give it a go.


I use this products in a number of ways:

  1. I mostly use it to co wash every 2-3 days or so. I try to leave it on (in the shower) for as long as I can, up to 15 minutes.
  2. I also decant some & take it along with me when I travel or to gym.
  3. sometimes I will leave it in overnight & then do a cold rinse in the morning (can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to that in Winter!)
  4. by chance one day I totally forgot to rinse it off before I stepped out of the shower & that’s when I realised it actually makes a great leave-in conditioner too as it’s quite light & didn’t leave a residue.


  • it’s a silicone free formula
  • it’s got a very slight fragrance which I much prefer
  • it contains actual extracts of aloe vera & avocado


  • it’s good value at R79.99 for big, fat 750ml bottle. This can last me about a month & I tend to slather on quite a bit
  • this conditioner has great slip. Once a week I’ll run a comb through my hair while it’s laden with conditioner & while it still hurts (I have knots like it’s no one’s business) it definitely makes it a lot easier.


  • there really is nothing not to like about this product.

This is quite a light day-to-day conditioner, so be sure to still deep condition (DC) weekly with a more intense moisturising treatment & don’t forget to alternate with a protein treatment as well (I’m guilty of this!). Alternatively mix in some of your favourite natural oil into this condition for a more moisturising treatment.

While I’ve heard good things, I havent tried the TRESemmé Naturals shampoo that goes alongside this conditioner but only because I still have so much of my own shampoos left from my pre natural days. Conditioner on the other hand I just can’t seem to buy enough – my hair drinks the stuff!

If I ran the brand

  • I’d launch a treatment product (for deep conditioning) within the naturals range.

Need to know

  • make sure you watch out for special promos at various retailers where they do 2 for offers. Usually its 2 for R99 which is an amazing deal – I usually stock up!

I’m literally days away from my one year BC (big chop) anniversary – eek! Blog post soon!

Be kind to your hair!


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4 Responses to TRESemmé Naturals – review

  1. Tendayi says:

    I use the Tresemme Naturals shampoo and I love it. I am never without it. It’s ‘lower sulphates’ though so it not completely sulphate free but I find it to be gentle, smells great and doesn’t strip my hair.

  2. Tiishetso says:

    love love love this conditioner! i’m relaxed and recently decided to embark on this healthy hair journey…..its a lot of work cos im still trying to find my groove, but i love this Tresemme Naturals conditioner. when i started using i thought “at last…a conditioner with no silicones but has great slip!”

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