Rèvèrence de Bastien Talc – Review

I count myself really lucky to have been able to return to the One&Only spa for that pedicure again a while back as a surprise gift. I was a little ashamed that I hadn’t taken up their advice in terms of caring for my feet (i.e. stay away from all foot files & anything else abrasive) since my previous visit but hey my toes were in for a treat so I was happy.

After the treatment I decided to invest/splurge (take your pick!) in one of the after care products & based on my therapist’s recommendation I decided to go with Rèvèrence de Bastien Talc from this bespoke range.

IMG_20130119_094002Beautiful packaging – not that I’d expect any less from Bastien Gonzalez!

Basically the promise is that Rèvèrence de Bastien Talc used daily works to protect your feet (it has antiseptic properties) from perspiring, overheating & most importantly (for me anyway) to keep them baby soft.


  • The talc has a really silky texture to the touch which feels so luxurious.
  • I found that with continued use of Rèvèrence de Bastien Talc, I could even skip my daily foot cream for a day or two – which would be unthinkable before!

IMG_20130119_093830Application is quick & easy, even if you’re lazy like me!


  • Its easy very to use, even more so (& quicker) than having to apply foot cream. My trick is to keep it next to my shoe rack at all times.
  • All that’s needed is a light sprinkle, which can be done directly onto your feet or onto your shoes (my preference)
  • The powder disappears in a couple of minutes so don’t worry there won’t be any unsightly white powder on your toes. By the time you leave the house & walk to your garage to get into your car, its gone!


  • You might be alarmed at the price tag of R495 for 50g but I have to tell you a little goes a really long way – its been about 4 months & I estimate that my bottle still has more than half of it left! And I’m saving money on foot cream since I’m now using less.

Need to know

  • Currently Rèvèrence de Bastien Talc (& the rest of the range) is for sale exclusively at The One & Only Spa in Cape Town

If I ran the brand

  • I’d get a Jhb stockist or better yet open a One&Only here – I can’t be flying to Cape Town to get my fix. Lucky I won’t be needing any for a while! 🙂

Now of course I’d like to have the entire range of Bastien Gonzalez’s super luxurious hand & foot care goodies at home, but if like me you need to make choices, this is definitely the one to get.


One&Only Spa Cape Town

Dock Road, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town 8001, South Africa

+ 27 21 431 52

Rosemary.Read@oneandonlycapetown.com (spa manager)


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