Kat van Duinen Design – loads to lust

540802_465796876791229_1405917827_nJust when I thought I had seen all that the Old Biscuit Mill had to offer, I walked by Kat van Duinen & the leather goods on display immediately pulled me into the store. One of the things I really enjoy about Old Biscuit Mill over its Jozi counterpart is the fact that there are several permanent stores aside from the Saturday market & this just store called my name…

IMG_20121216_205204The store is uncluttered & beautifully laid out.

Kat van Duinen describe themselves as “a manufacturer of high quality African inspired garments using natural materials designed to fit into modern lifestyles. Uncomplicated & functional.” Items are locally produced.


I love large carry-all bags & I don’t believe they need to look sloppy at all! These ostrich leather ones are to die for (an acquired tasted for me). The snake-skin clutches remind me of the ones I got in Bali

IMG_20121216_205405 Bags aside there’s also quite the selection of accessories. I find leather accessories can be rather dowdy at times – not these! In particular I loved the leather suit cover – I hadn’t ever seen one before – super luxurious (a girl can dream ok!).


I love both of these dresses, perfect waist cinch & length for me & the fabrics were gorgeous to the touch!

Best I start saving!


Kat van Duinen

Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, 375 Albert Road, Cape Town, Western Cape



021 447 6582

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