The Argentinean-the best croissants in Jozi

While we were out & about checking out The Whippet one afternoon, I noticed The Argentinean across the road & while the name kinda rang a bell, I couldn’t quite place it. As soon as we entered I suddenly remembered having read about it somewhere along the line – they’re known for the best croissants in Jozi.

Now I absolutely love croissants & I totally blame them for the current state of my thighs.  A good, light, buttery, melt-in-your mouth croissant (if it’s just out of the oven its a major bonus!) is completely irresistible no matter the time of day or night & I always need some coffee/tea to wash it down.

IMG_20121209_172925The Argentinean – well worth the drive out to the Linden neighbourhood.


The decor theme is Argentinean football inspired so there’s something to keep the boys entertained too!


  • I love how quaint & off the beaten track The Argentinean is – I could so possibly have missed them, but so glad I didn’t
  • The croissants are insanely delicious. They’re freshly baked & miles from the retail mass produced stuff we’re so often served up. I can’t stress this enough. Please go & have one & then write me!

IMG_20121209_165627Hubby definitely won this round having ordered the almond croissant while I had the plain one. I could hardly get him to put it down for a second sothat I could take this pic 🙂


Sam the baker – love him!


  • The service was warm and very personable. Sam (the baker himself!) came over to chat to us & told us how he opens the bakery at 5am to start baking in the mornings – this guy takes huge pride in his work & it showed through & through!
  • The Argentinean is amazing value – 2 croissants & 2 coffees came to just over R5o – beyond worth it!

IMG_20121209_165924While the croissants are the star of the show they make a lot of other goodies too! Breakfast & light meals feature on the menu too & they’re fully licensed.


  • They serve Lavazza (in mugs) which usually is fine for me but if you’re a coffee snob (which I am not!) I suggest you get a cup across the road at The Whippet instead.

IMG_20121209_165457There was a cool vibe when we were there with live music.

If I ran the place

  • I’d have an option where the croissants could be ordered warm (not microwaved though)
  • I’d serve butter, cheese & jams on the side especially with plain croissants (maybe there was & I should have just asked?)

Need to know

  • They’re open 7 days a week from 6:30am!


The Argentinean

Cnr 4th Ave and 7th Street, Linden

011 888 97 59


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