Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan…

Argan oil has been “in fashion” in the hair circles for a while now & I’ve enjoyed a few products containing it so I was keen to try Kiehls‘ too. There is definitely a movement lately to be more conscious of what goes into our skin & hair care products but Kiehl’s has been doing this right from the start. The Kiehl’s philosophy is about choosing the very best ingredients – the perfect balance between nature and science. As a natural, this really spoke to me!

Prescribed for frizzy/unruly hair (did someone say my name?!) on their website, this “Superbly Smoothing” range stood out to me on shelf & didn’t disappoint!


The Kiehl’s Superbly  Smoothing Argan range has a 250ml shampoo (R235), 200ml conditioner (R235) & 250ml treatment (referred to as the Hair Pak) (R369).


  • the shampoo is silicone, sulfate & paraben-free (I can see all the naturals doing an air punch right now!) & is low foaming, cleansing very gently.
  • the range is jam-packed with nourishing ingredients including a variety of natural oils such as safflower oil, cedar wood oil  & cocoa seed butter & thats aside from the argan oil.
  • the treatment needs to stay on for a minimum of 3 minutes but I kept it on overnight – with amazing results.
  • the conditioner & treatment smell ah-may-zing – I can’t describe it, it’s like sunshine in a bottle!


  • the shampoo delivers loads of TLC & is also good for coloured/dyed hair as it won’t strip the colour
  • the conditioner had great slip & I was quite surprised that I didn’t need a whole lot of it before I could start detangling (I used 2 sachets which is +- 10mls)


  • the shampoo has a slightly medicinal smell which some folks may not like but I really didn’t mind. Once followed up by the conditioner & treatment it’s completely gone & totally yummy smelling!

My hair was amazingly soft after just using the shampoo & conditioner but the treatment was a major bonus having the highest concentrations of these wholesome ingredients. When I rinsed it out the next morning my hair was noticeably softer to the touch for days & it smelled divine!

If I ran the brand

  • I’d like to see the conditioner & treatment in bigger sizes vs. the shampoo since I generally use more product on those but that’s an ongoing battle as a natural 🙂

Need to know

Be kind to your hair!



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4 Responses to Kiehl’s Superbly Smoothing Argan…

  1. Ladymaridm says:

    Picked up some pure argan oil in Morocco, where  it originates from.. Used it on my hair and as a bath oil in winter. It was wonderful, I’m out now 😦 You  remember the pamper party at Zee house, I brought it along.  Also remember my attempts to curl your hair? Hee hee! 

    • Hey lady, I would love to try the real stuff – dont remember it from that night 😦 I will never forget the valiant attempts you guys made – such a crazy & fun night!!! Actually been thinking it deserves a post of its own – no one can say we didnt try…

  2. Vongani says:

    Thanks for the positive publicity, its consumers like you that make sure that we earn our salaries & I’m happy that consumers out there are satidfied with our products. Your testimony reaffirms that our brand promise is just as we claim it to be.

    Thanks again Sally….

  3. canalwalkblog says:

    Reblogged this on Canal Walk Shopping Blog and commented:
    Have you popped in at the Kiehl’s pop-up store in Edgars Canal Walk yet?

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