Curly girls in Cape Town

Ok so I don’t need to tell you that I’m hair-obsessed & I’ve made quite a hobby of stalking women with gorgeous locks. And so my current holiday in Cape Town has certainly not deterred me!

Have a peek at these stunners that I (pretended to) run into mostly at The Old Biscuit Mill


Liesl Benjamin is from George & has been natural her whole life! She cuts her hair herself from time to time. Gosh her hair has so much character – I literally ran over as soon as I saw her!


Friends Lulu Stone & Koketso Mbuli have fab style in addition to fab hair!


 Thandie Dowery who makes jewellery (see here) & Phila Tyekona (rocking a protective style) were on holiday from Jozi. Very, very cute! They totally owned their looks!


Nicole Michaels & her niece Zoë Brooks just melted my heart. Look at those smiles!


Kim Windvogel transitioned for a bit but has been natural for a year. She claimed to not be having a good hair day but I loved her locks. She helped me pick out some great summer dresses at Mungo & Jemima on Long Street (post on that to folow).


Imagine my surprise when I ran into Cathy Kapande (also on Long Street) who told me she’s from Northern Ireland! The volume, the colour, the thickness, I love & I want it all!

Cape Town-20121219-00764

This pic was sent in by a friend & reader Nuzhat who saw the beautiful Zakira Jacobs in Cavendish & thought to take the pic & send to me – huge thanks lady, wow!

If you missed earlier instalments, I also stalked some gorgeous curls in Istanbul, Dubai & back home in SA. For more on my own hair journey check out this post.

Be kind to your hair!



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5 Responses to Curly girls in Cape Town

  1. Ayanda says:

    You hair bug has cought on. I’m soooo in love with natural hair. I’m glad that I don’t have to be the stalker though. I can wait on you to do that. lol looking forward to more pics and stories.

  2. veganafrochic says:

    Great blog! I stumbled upon it whilst looking for vegan friendly natural hair products in SA, I’m still looking but in the meantime I’m enjoying browsing through this site, reading your stories and seeing pics of SA people embracing their “roots”.
    Looking forward to your next post 🙂

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