Capture Fordsburg tour

Few people know (heck even I sometimes forget) that the very first place I lived when I moved to Jozi in 2004 was Mayfair, a residential Muslim area downtown close to the city centre. I was only there for a few weeks but it really gave me a different introduction to the Jozi that I wouldn’t trade.

Right next to Mayfair is Fordsburg, the business district of the area, where I would do frequent trips for cheap, yummy (unhealthy!) halaal food. Even though I’ve moved 5 times since, when I go back to Fordsburg it feels like I’m going home in a way. Yes, the streets are dirty & there are probably more car guards & beggars than anywhere else but there’s a character & charm to this place that’s hard to describe…

I decided to sign my hubby up for the Capture Fordsburg photographic walking tour last Saturday. The tour is run by Past Experiences who offer a variety of tours (and are open over the festive by the way). It kicked off at the Oriental Plaza & ended back there 2 hours later with a lunch at the infamous Golden Peacock.

Check out some of his pics…


397049_450710828311497_2038263643_n 430792_450636438318936_933025285_n 537532_450807128301867_39044666_n 547487_451546198227960_514796261_n 598545_449906575058589_2027281490_n

Overall he said the tour guide could have been more engaging but still really enjoyed it & it’s well worth the R100.

For more pictures check out Man Make Picture.


Past Experiences

0116783905 or  0837013046  &


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