The Whippet Coffee – a sneak peak…

There are moments when I really love social media. Like when you stumble across a really good long-lost friend halfway across the world & trawl their albums for hours trying to take in the last 10 years. And when you’re done your heart feels full to the brim.

Call me dramatic, but that’s exactly how I felt when I stumbled across The Whippet on Facebook earlier this month & couldn’t wait to take my husband favourite coffee addict there on a surprise date…


It was late one Saturday afternoon & I had no idea if they were even open (I searched high & low but couldn’t find a contact number). So I punched the addy into my Garmin & for the next half n hour ignored the “where are we going” groans that emanated from the seat next to me. As we parked I was so excited to see that they were open (yay!) & as he realised I’d found a new coffee spot he couldn’t wipe the grin off his face *insert air punch*


I love this use of jars as lighting. I’ve been saying this forever but I need to find a way to get some for our apartment

The (really!) bad news was that they were open but they were actually closed for a private function (if you know what I mean). But having come all the way I decided I had to pop in quickly anyway just to sneak a peek.

Half expecting to be kicked out (I was asking for it) but Divan, one of the 3 founders welcomed us so warmly & we started chatting immediately about the concept. I love the idea of a neighborhood coffee shop (our current one is Cramers by the way!) & the idea of rediscovering everything that’s on our doorstep.


There’s an interesting collection of goodies on sale. These leather clutches caught my eye

“We had this dream about fundamentally changing the coffee shop industry while at the same time celebrating South Africans and their neighbourhoods. We had this need for South Africans to reconnect with their neighborhoods and history….. The Whippet tries to achieve just that as we celebrate the butchers, the baristas, the bakers, the growers, the business men and woman and the artists that make our neighborhoods tick….”

IMG_20121209_165234   Good ol’ canned peaches, when last? Reminds me of my gran…

Coffee with heart – that’s how I’d best describe them. They serve a blend, mostly Malawian that they roast at Doubleshot & from what I can tell they’re very passionate about cappuccinos (aka a flat white if you’re a coffee snob). I didn’t get to try it on the day (didn’t think I should push my luck) but mark my words I’ll be back!

The Whippet has really made it their business settling in & getting to know the locals in the neighbourhood & have already started with I Love Coffee evenings & trade till late on Fridays for those much-needed after work drinks…

The Whippet is closed for the holidays & reopens on the 8th of Jan 2013 – I’ll be there to get my fix!


The Whippet

34 Seventh street, Linden, Johannesburg, 2198


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