The curls in Cape Town & Jozi

Completely spontaneously I started approaching ladies with natural/curly hair & asking if I could snap them for my blog when we were travelling in Istanbul & Dubai. Well we’ve been back for a whiiiiiiile & the compulsion (i.e my stalking) hasn’t stopped.

Look at these gorgeous lasses I spotted in Cape Town & Jozi (my 2 loves) over the last while…


Tatum Tippens has only been natural for 7 months & look how long her hair is already! I ran into her at the Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town. Love the colour as well, she’s so cute!


Sarah Summers, also at the Old Biscuit Mill, did her big chop just over a year ago is waiting for her hair to “lock” (i.e. for dreadlocks to form). You can see from the picture it’s already starting to, so cool!

IMG_20121216_210317  Khosi Sihlangu was at my favourite mall of all time, Hyde Park. She was so shy but I love her look & I’m glad she let me take her picture 🙂


Khanya Hlubi was at Cresta (I really get around hey?!) & I noticed her tresses immediately especially the colour & thickness.  How sweet is her smile?

Thanks for letting me accost you guys, it’s always so much fun & I walk away from each of you really inspired by your journey with your hair.

It’s been 10 months since my own big chop. For more on my own hair journey, see here.

Be kind to your hair!



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