Scenes from the Old Biscuit Mill

If you’re heading to Cape Town Slaapstad for the holidays here’s something to add to your to-do list on a Saturday morning. Brought to you by the same folks who do Jozi’s Neighbourgoods Market, the Old Biscuit Mill is much the same but different…

More outdoorsy with a wider selection of goods, the Old Biscuit Mill (& the Neighbourgoods Market for the matter) honestly isn’t something I’d do every week, but it is definitely worth checking out…


The food section at the Old Biscuit Mill. Choices, choices!


The first stalls I saw when we entered was Queen of Tarts (left) & Martin Senekal (right). It’s art but you can eat it!

IMG_20121216_202952I thought I was looking at some kind of spit braai but that’s actually all different sorts of mushrooms…


I’ve heard so much about Honest Chocolate, can’t wait to visit their store in on our next trip down especially since I’ve learnt that dark chocolate is really good for my skin.


Obviously I wasn’t dieting on this day. Anything with avo on it & I’m sold!


It was really packed, but the vibe was great!


Meet the cute (& so friendly!) Margot from the label Margot Molyneux. I bought one of her dresses, which I love. You must check out here website. She designs everything herself, it’s all locally produced in Cape Town & she can tailor something specifically for you too…


Now you know I have a weakness for all things leather so I was delighted to come across this store (whose name escapes me, dang!) with bright, fashionable & functional leather accessories.


The leather items were quite different to what I usually see. Leather does not have to be boring people! I especially like this alternative take on a bow tie.


It was one of those perfect Cape Town days & the drinks kept coming…


Artlab describe themselves as kick ass creative digital printers. Glad we finally found a place to get some of our photographs printed to go up on display in our apartment. We have been putting it off forever

I liked that there were quite a number of non-food stores (one can only eat so much!). Added to that, quite different to the Neighbourgoods Market in Jozi there are also a number of permanent stores & restaurants in the complex that trade daily.


I stopped in at Saucisse, a boutique Deli, quite by chance to buy a bottle of water & found myself ogling at all the yummy things they had. How cute is this cookie mix?


It was only fitting that we ended the day off with a cappuccino for my caffeine addicted hubby at Espressolab. Oh & they roast on-site too. By this time I was just happy to give my weary feet a break.


My coffee snob reckoned they make a pretty good flat white (that’s fancy talk for a cappuccino) & let me tell you he’s quite stingy when it comes to dishing out coffee compliments.

Fab morning out!


The Old Biscuit Mill, 373-375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

021 447 8194 &


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