Tastes of Maboneng… & it *was* tasty!

On Thursday afternoon I trotted along to the Tastes of Maboneng where an entire street in the middle of the city had been closed off so that we could well, feast !


Forget any “Tastes of” events that you’ve been to. This street banquet was hosted by all 12 of the restaurants that are now in the Maboneng Precinct, all giving us a titbit of what they do while we enjoyed entertainment by visiting international food artists. While I’ve visited some of them like PataPata & Canteen I hadn’t gotten around to some of the newer ones like Blackanese so this was right up my alley to tick them all of my to-do-list in an afternoon – dreamy! There’s even a culinary school now, so no more excuses for your bad cooking! 🙂

IMG_20121214_204346Kruger Street  was buzzing & the drinks were definitely flowing! SMACK! Republic‘s brews were quite a hit on the day. My drink of choice was House of Baobab’s hibiscus tea – I haven’t tasted anything like it, definitely going back for more.

I liked that the event was in a sit-down format so we could really relax & I got to chat to some interesting folks too!


 Now I’m thoroughly carnivorous but even the vegetarian food was great. I lost count of how many potato rösti I swallowed!IMG_20121214_204459    Like I said we were spoilt!


When crème brûlée is a dessert option, for me it doesn’t really matter what else on offer…

If you did miss out on this week’s Tastes of Maboneng, fret not as they’ll be doing it as an ongoing event in the new year, so be sure to stay updated via their newsletter or Facebook page.

I heart Jozi!



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