JB Rivers

In Jozi Hyde Park Corner is my favourite mall of them all. Never too full, a good selection of stores (though I miss Stuttafords) & great eating options. While many ‘trendy’ restaurants have opened in the mall over the last while, one that could easily be overlooked at your own risk is JB Rivers.

IMG_20121123_111631The vibe at JB Rivers in Hyde Park Corner

I first came across JB Rivers back in Cape Town at Cavendish Square so it’s been a favourite of mine for more than a decade. Of course back then as students we’d always order the cheapest meal on the menu – a plate of chips with a glass of (tap) water – to share 🙂


  • there’s never a queue for a table. This is really important to me, especially for breakfast. No. Can. Do.
  • the menu offers quite a variety, of the largest that I’ve seen – makes it tough to choose 🙂 Oh & there are good healthy options too.
  • make sure you try one of their granitas. There are a couple of flavours, so delish!

IMG_20121007_161106 The Thai prawn salad gives salads a good name.

Now I’m a meat & potatoes (preferably chips & not the oven baked variety!) kind of girl but since I’ve discovered this salad at JB Rivers I’ve been unable to order anything else on the menu on our last 6+ visits! I’ll be honest it needs just 2/3 more prawns in my books but its delish nonetheless. I can eat this salad all day, everyday! They can also do it with calamari or chicken instead if you prefer.


  • consistently good service on all of our visits. We always get the same table & waiter, love it!
  • the food is always super fresh & well presented


I always have space to sneak in a couple of pieces of hubby’s sushi


  • there really is nothing not to like

JB Rivers delivers unfussed fresh & flavourful food time after time, coupled with efficient service & if anything that’s what keeps us going back. When everyone else is to be over-the-top fancy they’ve gone back to basics & they’re getting it right!

If I ran the place

  • I’d open more branches – how can there only be two in all of SA?!

Need to know

  • the sushi is half price on Tuesday & Sunday evenings 🙂 🙂 🙂

Next time you’re in Hyde Park, give JB Rivers a go!


JB Rivers

Store MM51, lower ground floor, Hyde Park Corner


(011) 325 5055 or 073 202 2486


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3 Responses to JB Rivers

  1. There’s a JB Rivers at Clearwater. Also at that outlet mall place near Cresta. Oh – also at Melrose arch.

  2. So I think the Melrose & Clearwater branches are actually JB’s Corner – from a different chain?

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