Peach Cafe

There’s a peach farm, like an actual farm, called Camdeboo Farm in the middle of the northern suburbs of Jozi! We headed down to their restaurant, Peach Cafe for breakfast one Saturday morning.

IMG_4020  IMG_20121122_135247   It was one of those days when Jozi was really showing off! 🙂

Breakfast with a view indeed!



  • The peach smoothie. I  don’t have a pic (it was that good!) but you need to go just to have it


I think this was the first time I actually saw peaches attached to a tree!


  • If you have kids or love the outdoors this is a great venue if the weather is good. Think orchids of peach trees, sunflowers, rolling lawns & ducks quacking around
  • The service was good. We were able to substitute the bacon without much fuss or extra cost (usually an issue for us)


  • There was only one option on the menu for breakfast 😦


The Camdeboo breakfast.

Breakfast was good, but by no means great.  Many of the individual elements were some of my favourites (avo, pita & tomatoes). I think there was just too much going on! My eggs arrived well done vs. turned over soft but if it was just that I could honestly have lived with it…

IMG_20121122_135436  IMG_20121122_135535

You can even buy some freshly picked goodies from the farm to take home.

If I ran the place

  • I’d keep the rustic feel going but in a more polished way  – but hey, that’s just me!

Need to know

  • Booking is essential – even for breakfast. Rumour has it lunch is almost always fully booked on weekends
  • They’re only open Thursday to Sunday
  • The menu changes weekly
  • There’s a short dirt road to walk up front the parking to the restaurant. Leave the heels at home. Or in the car

Though breakfast didn’t really tickle my fancy, the lunch menu looked amazing & I hope to be back to try it soon!


Peach Cafe  &

073 410 2712


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4 Responses to Peach Cafe

  1. Wonderful! I’ve been dying to try this place out for some time, it’s lovely to read all about it!

  2. This place looks amazing! And the brekkie option looks sooo yummy :p

  3. suaad – def worth checking out when you’re in Jozi!

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