Beaucience body butter

The folks over at Zando kindly sent me a box of goodies to try out. Even as I ripped it open, I wasn’t sure what it would be & was pleasantly surprised to find a selection of beauty products from the e-tailer best known for their fashion, shoes & accessories.


My skin is & has always  been crazily thirsty so the 1st thing that I grabbed & haven’t been able to put down is the Beaucience (pronounced bo-ci-ons) body butter from their botanicals range. I’d heard about & seen this proudly South African brand (made in my home town of Cape Town!) around but didn’t know too much about what they were about so I was keen to give it a go.


Beaucience body butter  – at R59.99 there’s plenty of bang for your buck


  • it has a luxurious feel on the skin yet it’s light & almost has a “whipped” consistency
  • it delivers moisture that quickly sinks into my skin, is non-greasy & lasts all day (don’t you hate that ashy look on your knees & elbows by midday!)
  • reading the list of ingredients, its packed with good stuff like sunflower oil, avocado oil, marula oil & shea butter – natural goodness!


  • the very subtle fragrance which is achieved via essential oils (read no artificial perfumes)


  • absolutely nothing!

In world where there seems to be quite a natural trend lately, Beaucience really takes this seriously with their thinking being that our skin is already the 1st point of contact with the harsh world of chemicals every. Single. Day. With this in mind all products are free of parabens (they use natural preservatives instead), toxins & no animal testing has been done (big yay!).

If I ran the brand

  • I’d offer to be a guinea pig in their clinical trials just to get slathered with this stuff from head to toe!

Need to know

Great to have finally have “met” Beaucience!



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