La Mer hand treatment

La Mer has always been one of those brands that’s been totally out of reach for me but that I’ve always wanted to try. So imagine my delight when my hubby spoiled me with a selection of their products (that he chose himself nogal!).

The story goes that La Mer was invented by Dr Max Huber, a rocket scientist (they’re real!) who was seeking a cure for his own scars from a fire accident. He turned to the ocean, more specifically kelp & so 12 years & 6000 experiments later the brand known for sea miracles was born & has become the cult it is today.

“Only a select few will ever experience my Crème… it just takes too long to produce.”
– Dr. Max Huber


I started with the hand cream & I’ve been using it daily it for 3+ months now, with really good results. In fact I must point out that it’s so potent that La Mer actually refer to it as a hand treatment.


La Mer’s hand treatment comes in  a 100 ml & retails for R895


  • The cream is super luxurious & you can tell its just in a different league from the 1st application
  • I lust the smell! It’s hard to describe but very subtle & has a fresh, clean fragrance
  • My hands were left thoroughly moisturized & soft for hours on end without being greasy
  • I noticed that my cuticles were also well moisturized I didn’t need to use my usual separate cream for this


  • I initially thought the tube was a bit big for my handbag at 1st but while it is long, its super slim & slips easily into my handbag
  • A little goes a really long way – I use a blob the size of a 10 cent coin! This tube is now going 3 months & I reckon it’s probably just under halfway
  • While it’s not a concern for me right now, it also contains skin brightening & anti ageing properties as well


  • That it will eventually run out & while it’s worth it, I’m not sure I’ll be spending the cash to replace it 😦 (I hear you, I’ll start dropping hints)

I was so happy to finally be having my 1st La Mer experience. The hand treatment is firmly one of my favourites so La Mer & I are off to a great start!

If I ran the brand

  • The one thing I realises is that I haven’t seen much ads for La Mer (print & TV) – could be part of their strategy, not sure.
  • I’ve heard that they only sample on purchase which is kind of understandable but also a pity

Need to know

  • La Mer is available at selected premium department stores, check your closest store here

I’ll let you know soon what else was in my La Mer hamper 🙂



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2 Responses to La Mer hand treatment

  1. sema says:

    Wow!now I have to save up to get some of that hand treatment.

  2. It’s fab, love the La Mer brand so far. Um speak to that room mate of yours to sponsor. He can hardly say no in your ‘current condition’ – milk it! 🙂

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