Lessons in skin

It’s more important to know sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has ~ Hippocrates

These are the words that Euphony Kgadima used in opening her skin care & make-up session last week. I took a moment to digest it thoroughly & it really resonated with me.

We live in times of instant gratification. When that pimple suddenly appears on your chin you want to put the latest magic potion on it & have it gone in the morning. We forget that our skin is an organ. One that adorns us, every inch of us.  Yet we often don’t treat it with the reverence that it more than deserves.

This is really what’s at the centre of Euphony‘s philosophy. You can’t just treat symptoms. Your oiliness, breakouts & blemishes is the sum total of your lifestyle & is very different from the someone else’s. It’s with this in mind that her approach is to first & foremost always ask questions around your sleeping habits, diet, climate & general lifestyle ahead of any diagnosis/recommendation.

Here are some of the take outs of the day that she shared that really stood out to me:


  • You should cleanse, tone & moisturizer twice a day (yes this isn’t news but I honestly can’t remember when last I did this!).
  • If your toner contains alcohol you can make it less astringent by spraying the cotton pad with some water first (love this)
  • Exfoliation is necessary once a week. This is important because enhances the skin’s ability to renew itself.
  • For a natural DIY exfoliant mix 1 tablespoon of brown sugar with 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • The best time to apply a masque is after exfoliating – it seals the skin.


  • Avoid brands with a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • A brand should have different formulations for dry, oily, combination etc. skin.
  • Generally, premium brands should offer this as they invest more in R&D (research & development) vs. retail brands.
  • I really like that Euphony always recommends at least 3 brands, a mix of retail & premium brands so that you can choose according to what suits your pocket. And she only recommends brands that she has personally tried.


  • Don’t underestimate the value of sleep for your skin.  Needs differ but the average minimum is around 5-7 hours worth every night
  • Your skin renews itself when you’re sleeping, especially in deep sleep (typically between 2am-5am).


  • Like with your hair, water is the best moisturizer for your skin. Water provides moisture from the inside out.
  • I touched on this in my last post, see here for how much water you should be drinking (you’ll be pleasantly surprised)
  • Coffee, tea & sodas though they may contain water do not count towards your water intake


  • Have 2 glasses of water for every 2 glasses of alcohol consumed
  • This will also help you to pace yourself
  • In Euphony‘s words “know that your skin is going to binge with you”

Hope you too have found some tips from Euphony in above that’s useful. Be sure to check out my previous post from Euphony if you missed it – 10 superfoods for your skin.

For more, follow her on Twitter @SkinTherapistSA.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming sessions next year.

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