Food Wine Design Fair – fairly ok…

We made our way down to the Food Wine Design Fair at the rooftop of Hyde Park (my favourite mall) last Sunday afternoon (the last day of the fair) to see what all the hype was about. I’m not typically a fan of these sort of events & try to do them once in a while. We went hungry (lessons learnt from the Neighbourgoods Market)…

It’s suggested to be the ‘best of South Africa’ with handpicked producers & exhibitors coming together for the ‘social & shopping event in SA’. Tickets cost R80 per person at the door & it was quite a mind shift change having to pay for this sort of event (well for me mentally anyway!). As we arrived there was a gentleman kicking up quite a fuss on the news that he to pay to enter. We couldn’t help but giggle & moved on inside…


Almost the 1st thing I saw when I walked in was the Missibaba stand by Chloe Townsend showcasing their Jungle Fever Collection inspired by Zambia. Such temptation so early on!

True to its name, the event is split into 3 areas: one design marquee & two food & wine marquees (by far the busiest!). We started off of the “design” side of things & I was happy to see that there were quite a number of non-food stalls this year. Another new addition this year was the “Carpenters Alley” by organisers Artlogic exhibiting SA’s amazing local woodwork.


Good to see Stoned Cherrie going strong I feel like they’ve been so quiet since their Rosebank store closed…


I was happy to spot the Letterpress Company as well.

If you don’t know them they’re ‘printers & purveyors of luxury bespoke stationery’. Their stuff is amazing, be sure to look into them for wedding stationery in particular.


I (& I’m sure you too) have had countless cups of gourmet Toni Glass Collection‘s tea  (I love the detail of the silk bag) & it was cool to see the people behind the brand.


Oysters & champagne, always a winner (I don’t drink /eat either though!)


I have a such a soft spot for Honest Chocolate – can’t wait to check out their store in Cape Town on my trip later this month.


It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. Jozi was definitely showing off…


One of the food & wine marquees. Great vibe on the day…


The yumminess that is Tasha’s Le Parc… Everything looks too pretty to eat!


Everything was fresh & yummy & of course there were loads of bubbles!


No food fair would be complete without coffee. This stand was buzzing the entire time! Read more about 4th Avenue Roasters in my earlier post


Dessert time! Look at the size of that tub!!!

Overall I’m glad I went albeit only to satisfy my curiosity & reinforce that I couldn’t do this too regularly. The Gourmet Theatre, where we eventually settled on for lunch was closed even though there was still at least 2 hrs of the event left – apparently the chefs had gone home (say what?!). We left (feeling a little robbed) in less than half an hour after walking around the entire place twice after & unable to find anything halaal/halaal friendly to eat and we were starving.

I do think it’s a fab way to spend the afternoon but the entry fee should be scrapped or halved at least – everything on sale is expensive enough as is. Don’t go hungry, everything’s closer to nibble size. If you’re a less fussy eater than me & you love bubbles you’ll love this!



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