SA’s Top 10 restaurant​s

Last night the Eat Out DStv Food Network Restaurant Awards announced the top 10 restaurants in SA at the Westin, Cape Town. I was keenly “watching” on twitter with a severe case of FOMO.

Ok I *am* (slightly) biased but it must be said that a whopping 8 of the 10 restaurants in the top 10 are in Cape Town, with only 1 in Jozi & 1 in Durban. #loveCapeTown 🙂

I was really surprised that my beloved Reuben’s didn’t only not feature on the night but wasn’t a nominee. Anyway Reuben’s still tops my list (nom nom!) though I can’t but wonder if this had something to do with the judging criteria (not sure)?

Anyway, without further ado…

The Top 10 restaurants in SA are:
1.     The Test Kitchen
2.     The Tasting Room
3.     Jordan Restaurant
4.     Overture
5.     Rust en Vrede
6.     DW Eleven-13
7.     La Colombe
8.     The Greenhouse
9.     Terroir
10.   Hartford House

For winners in the other categories see the full announcement here.

Have you tried any of these restaurants or do you plan to?



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