Mama Mio – Fit Skin For Life

Last week I attended an event hosted by high performance skin care brand Mama Mio. Our host for the morning was one of its 4 co-founders Sian Sutherland who was in town visiting from the UK where the brand started 7 years ago. I had seen the brand in spas plenty before (& I think once on Oprah a while back) but I didn’t really know much about it at all…

I lust this picture of Sian in Beauty Inc magazine. She’s 52 & a mom of 2. And in person she has this much energy & passion too!

Here’s what struck me about my 1st impression with the brand

Created by women for women

  • Sian shares that the brand & each of the products were in fact created rather selfishly by the 4 co-founders to meet a need they personally had at one point in time.
  • As such the Mama Mio line up was driven & expanded via gut instinct vs the traditional thinking of what will sell
  • A self-confessed serial entrepreneur, Sian shares that through her experience over the years she’d inadvertently built up a “little black book” of chemists etc. who they handpicked to aid in the development of the brand.
  • There are extra touches that I really love for example in Bootcamp for Boobs they have included a breast self exam guide – too cool.

Building Confidence

  • Mama Mio is about celebrating women & being the best version of yourself & not about looking 20 when you’re 45. This is evident in something as simple as the naming conventions for the products e.g. Love your Life Lines (a deep line treatment)
  • Mama Mio‘s philosophy centres on “Fit Skin for Life”. Sian said it best “Fit Skin For Life is about your skin working to its absolute optimum. If you treat it well & feed it, it will hold you in”

No advertising

  • The best ingredients with the highest potency at the highest recommended levels have been chosen to ensure that the products really work – & Mama Mio believe that’s all the most powerful advertising of all.

No nasties

  • No parabens, petroleum & other nasties which we can’t even pronounce are in any of Mama Mio‘s formulations.
  • Products are safe to use during pregnancy although with some of them it’s better to wait until after giving birth for the best possible results. “We can’t fight nature” says Sian

Mama Mio‘s Bootcamp & exercise kits (just 4 minutes a day!) are infamous. It goes beyond skin deep & delivers everything you need to fix your problem area in one kit in 30 days.

Locally Mama Mio products are available in 150 5 star spas nationwide where therapists undergo regular & extensive training to be able to advise you best. Mama Mio also have 9 high performance in-salon treatments which includes 4 pregnancy specific treatments at about 50 salons around SA.

It’s time to put Mama Mio to the test & I’m very excited to be reviewing my choice of product from the Mama Mio range soon. The good news is that I may just be calling on your help 🙂



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