Skin Therapist Workshop

I mentioned last week that I was spending the afternoon with Euphony Kgadima in an intimate session to learn more about taking the best care possible of my skin. The venue was Shaguma Garden in Midrand (my 1st time there) & it was great weather for an outdoors event.

Our host, Euphony Kgadima

We’ve all been there. We buy endless products we see on TV or in magazines and they don’t work. Then we dwell in disappoint. And we’re broke. Then someone tells us about something else they tried. And the cycle continues.

Our MC Loyiso McDonald (you’ll remember him from Isidingo). Euphony spoilt us & I love the personalised note!

So what I liked about these session is that Euphony doesn’t work for a brand. She’s not selling anything except her knowledge. And let me tell you this lady knows her stuff. She’s earned her stripes as a somatologist at Tshwane University of Technology & worked her way up in the industry quickly in salons etc. but quickly got bored & decided that she had more value to add (lucky us!).

I also really liked meeting a bunch a fab ladies all passionate about beauty.

Euphony did an eyebrow shaping demo for us.

After lunch we spoke (& laughed) a lot around the subject of women who shave their eyebrows off. It’s 2012, this needs to stop! Another sin is making eyebrows thin throughout – no, no, no! Euphony shared (using a pencil/make up brush along the side of your nose) where your eyebrows should naturally start, arch & end. Also, if you are going to fill in your eyebrows (we all need a bit of help sometimes) use a brown soft pencil/powder – black is too harsh & can look unnatural.

Lihle from Connoisseur Mobile Spa treated us to some de-stressing

Also at the event we met Connoisseur Mobile Spa who will actually come to your home to give you your treatment of choice. As an added benefit, Lihle is a qualified chef, so not only will you not have to contend with traffic, but dinner is sorted too – love that!

The best news is that this isn’t a once-off session but will be ongoing nationally every second month. Euphony was able to package & impart her knowledge in a really succinct & practical way that’s easy to understand & makes you want to go home & try it immediately!

In the next posts I’ll be sharing my key lessons from the workshop & what the 10 skin care superfoods are.

Happy Sunday you guys!



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