10 superfoods for your skin

As promised in my previous post, below are the 10 skin care superfoods as shared by Euphony Kgadima (better know as @SkinTherapistSa on twitter) at a recent fab event she hosted.

There were some (good) surprises in this list for me. Eat up!

  1. salmon
  2. yoghurt
  3. almonds
  4. spinach
  5. tomatoes
  6. dark chocolate (yes, really!)

7. kiwi

8. carrots

9. butternut

10. water (ok this one we all knew right?)

Euphony also shared a really interesting idea around how much water we should be drinking. We’ve all heard the 8 glasses a day story but her theory is that we need different amounts depending on our weight, which is then divided by 10. For example if you weigh 50 kg you need 5 glasses & if you weigh 65 kg you need 6.5 glasses. Makes sense I think & less running to the loo!

For more tips on beautiful, healthy skin, be sure to follow Euphony Kgadima on twitter..

Read here for more on my own skin care routine.


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