Calling all Lady Bloggers

So here’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a while...

Zaahirah over at Complete Disbelief has started a really cool initiative called Lady Bloggers for us to meet up regularly & form a sort of bloggers community. How awesome is that?!

The kick-off session is today & it sounds like she’s going to be sharing some news of her own (can’t wait) & also create & grow a platform where bloggers can share info (so overdue!). I really wish something like this existed when I started out my blog. I had so many questions & not many places to turn.

Blogging is still hugely underdeveloped in SA (with something like around 600 000+ blogs I read somewhere recently) & it’s certainly taking off. In a space where, quite frankly many don’t want to share about their success (such flattery!), I have to commend Zaahirah for taking the initiative to lead this.

So whether you’re an old or newbie blogger or even just thinking about starting a blog (it’s not rocket science, trust me!) this could be just what you need. In the few months that I’ve started mine, so many people have said to me that they too want to start but don’t know how/where. Once you jump that hurdle, really the worst is over. I wish that I’d done it 2 years ago when the idea first came into my head.

Anyway, I digress. I’m also really looking forward to finally meeting Zaahirah after much banter on Twitter & also trying out a new spot in my beloved Jozi,  called Velo. The Lady Blogger events promise to be intimate & laid back, so sign up here to stay posted on upcoming sessions.



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2 Responses to Calling all Lady Bloggers

  1. Tendayi says:

    I would love to attend these. I was busy on the 24th (wedding season!!) but I will definately catch the next one.

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