TransformHERS here goes…

I wasn’t raised to value exercise in any way. I wasn’t discouraged from it either it’s just that academics came 1st, 2nd & 3rd. More so when I hit high school & I went to that model C school we could just, just afford.  The extent to which I did any sports was limited to the 2 months before the matric dance when I joined the running club. Desperate times. That it was sponsored by Nike & they sent over a cute guy to train us didn’t hurt either.

I loathe exercise.  When you’re tall you can get away with carrying a few extra kg’s. Or so you tell yourself. All of the women in my family are severely overweight. Half a dozen are clinically obese. And what scares me most is that a) they’ve accepted it & b) some of their kids, my cousins who are younger than me are going down that same road.

I stumbled across TransformHERS by chance online & though I had seen bootcamp kind of events before I was never even remotely open to the idea. Yes, so that’s progress already.

The TransformHers team

TransformHERS is a four-week outdoor motivational fitness programme for ladies, which encourages participants to strive for their fitness goals through fun, energizing group activities. Workouts are designed to accommodate your current level of fitness and build upon that throughout the programme, so ladies of all fitness levels, ages and sizes are welcome (yay!).

A couple of things really stood out to me:

  • it’s outdoors
  • it’s all ladies
  • all I need to bring is a water bottle & a sweat towel. They supply the rest.
  • they have a network of like-minded sponsors/stakeholders available to help if you want e.g. dieticians & biokineticists  (optional extra)
  • I can choose how many times a week I go (between 2 & 4 times)
  • I can choose which “camp” I go to (from 4 different locations around Jozi) & I can change my camp venue as often as I like.
  • I can choose which time slot I go to (from 2 different time slots)

I love the flexibility that they have built in through the last 3 points above. It also means no excuses 🙂

My body hurts just looking at above 2 pictures.

Here’s hoping this won’t be the story of my life anymore 🙂

If you need a little motivation, check out this post from yesterday – I’ll be sure to keep replaying it when I’m wheezing & out of breath too!

I start today. Eek!

Have a great week you guys!


PS to see how I did on the TranformHERS program, check out my update post here.


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Reformed shopaholic. Absent sister. Unapologetic perfectionist. Trainee wife. Severe OCD. Cat person.
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5 Responses to TransformHERS here goes…

  1. Loving this! Totally agree with the motivation thing 🙂 Exercise in a group really seems to help as well. Looks like an amazing programme!

  2. missamyw says:

    Bootcamp is awesome; definitely beats the dullness of gyms!

  3. Hey ladies. So the 1st session yesterday went well. I’m sore but thats all par for the cause I guess 🙂 Next session is tomorrow (& I haven’t decided to jump ship!), actually looking forward… W

    • Cheryl says:

      Hi there!!! So glad you enjoyed your first session with us at TransformHERS 🙂 Keep up the great work and the rewards will come. Please keep us posted on our BLOG page too and also on Facebook. We love hearing your news and thoughts…

      Come and be…Transformed!!

    • missamyw says:

      Congrats! The first class and month is always the hardest, especially in this heat.

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