fro update – 9 months

Ja, so time flies & all that. Apparently. If you ask me, when it comes to my hair, not nearly fast enough!

I’m 9 months post the big chop & the journey continues. As does the learning. Other than wishing my hair was loooong already, I’m really happy with my decision to go natural so far. It’s easier (note, not easy!), less stress, time & money & well, just more natural.

Right after my big chop in Feb 2012. At this point I was still transitioning & went back to the salon two more times to have the straight, relaxed ends chopped off before I was fully natural. It didn’t last long, but I really liked the asymmetrical side-swept fringe.

9 month old curls – they’re coming along…

Perhaps the biggest highlight of my natural journey to date has been finding some shea butter that I’d jealously been seeing all over American blogs, right here in Mzansi!

Curly Sue 🙂

My current regime (super simple I think):

  • Co wash (daily or every second day) as needed using TRESemme Naturals conditioner
  • Pre poo before every shampoo with coconut oil or whipped shea butter (my own recipe) ideally overnight or at least for an hour (with a shower cap)
  • Shampoo (weekly) with one of the shampoo’s from my stash or
  • Shampoo (every second week) with a clarifying shampoo from my stash
  • Deep condition (weekly) with a treatment from my stash (kept on for 15-30 mins, without heat)
  • Moisturize daily (I aim for twice a day but I sometimes slack. I always do once a day at least) with whipped shea butter.

PS Fellow naturals hold onto your curls while I ‘fess up that my stash is from my pre natural days, so they may not be sulphate free etc. I was am a bit of a hoarder, so I’m running it down but it’s going to take a quite a while. I did originally plan to, but I can’t get myself the throw the stuff out. I’m frugal like that. I try to take “precautions” e.g. pre pooing ahead of shampooing to keep moisture in my hair as much as possible.

My day-to-day look takes me about 10 mins: co wash (with a cold final rinse which I do over the basin instead of in the shower – less painful) & moisturising my hair with a small amount of my whipped shea butter. That’s it. Curls galore!

So my current dilemma is whether I should go for some shaping/styling or if I should postpone it & keep growing as is till the 1 year anniversary of my big chop (Feb 2013) when I plan to do a length check and then do some shaping/styling. First world problems indeed! I was so sure I wanted to do it a week ago, now I’m undecided – any thoughts to lift me from this utter confusion are welcome!

Also check out my 4 month & 6 month updates if you missed those.

Hope you’re having fun & growing strong, healthy hair whatever your own hair journey.

Thanks to man make picture for all these pics (he threatened to pull sponsorship if I didn’t give him a mention 🙂 ), all shot in Jozi CBD of course!

Be kind to your hair!



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4 Responses to fro update – 9 months

  1. Lericia says:

    Love it! Think wait a while before shaping? Then you will have a little more length to play with.
    Are you taking any vitamins with MSM or biotin(which i read works best on your scalp) as growth aid?
    Im still not ready for the BC but only because I did that 12 years ago (actually shaved off) and people were so mean about it but Im growing tired of the amount of work that goes into managing two textures. Im pregnant so my hair is also growing at such a rate, its full and thick. Just waiting to get a little more length before braving it 🙂

  2. Thanks fashionforlunch! 🙂

    Lericia – thanks for for the feedback lady. I’m currently taking a multivitamin, omega 3, calcium, Vit B & I just don’t feel like there is room for any more in there for now 🙂 Yeah I’m leaning to letting it grow for that exact reason. I know what you mean about people’s reactions – I was really surprised by this especially when it came from people I’m close to. But I’m over it now, you get over it by remembering what your motivation for the BC was in the 1st place. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy! W

  3. Tiishetso says:

    Ma’am, what deep moinsturising conditioner do you use? I’m always in the market, my hair struggles with dryness (i think i may have porosity problems)

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