Skin Therapist make-up & skin care sessions

I’ve pretty much felt & found my own way around when it comes to my skin & my make-up routine. However, my 12+ magazine subscriptions (one of these are aimed at somatologists!) bear testament to the fact that I’m always on the lookout for new products & tips & tricks.

I know what works for me so I certainly don’t try all of it but I like to keep abreast of developments and hear different perspectives before I make up my own mind. So when I accidentally came across @SkinTherapistSA online I was really intrigued by the advice being dispensed & keen to know more.

And more has arrived!

Of course I’ve attended events & launches hosted by the various big beauty brands but I like that this event is centred more around dispensing skin education. With 4 sessions to be held nationally our host at each session will be Euphony Kgadima, a qualified & experienced somatologist along with a mystery celebrity MC (hmmm!).

The Jozi session is tomorrow – I have all my questions lined up!


PS don’t forget to check out my earlier post about using make-up to cover acne seamlessly. What this girl has done is a small miracle. There’s hope for us all, its about knowing how.


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