As promised in my last post from when I met the JO’M team, I’ve compiled some Q&A’s that came out of our discussion in the session. I’ve often seen that many of us sit with the same questions, so here’s some feedback from Johanna Moriti, best placed to answer our questions being the founder of JO’M & in charge of R&D (research & development).

Q: How often should your 2-in-1 shampoo be used?

A: Every 2nd week works fine but weekly is also ok. Our shampoo is low foaming & contains natural oils so as to clean but not strip the scalp. With our new formulation coming early in 2013 it will also be sulphate free.

Q: Are you looking to introduce a conditioner?

A: The JO’M system doesn’t require a conditioner. Many protein conditioners are lab-made with superficial results & after a while hair can become dependent on it.

Q: Will you be adding other languages to the packaging as you expand internationally?

A: Yes, we have already done labels in Spanish, Arabic etc.

Q: In terms of the JO’M Hair Softner Afro pack (i.e. the treatment kit) vs. the JO’M Hair Softner Spray (on its own) – how is it meant to be used?

A:  JO’M Hair Softner Afro pack is probably the most misunderstood. A first of its kind this patented solution is aimed at softening your afro to make it more manageable & give you volume but without any chemicals of course. It’s also the perfect solution for those wanting to transition to natural hair & without having to chop all their hair off (i.e. work with 2 different textures).

The JO’M Hair Softner Afro pack contains:

1. JO’M Shampoo – low foaming as mentioned above

2. JO’M Hair Softner Spray – preps the hair for the next step

3. JO’M Cinnamon & Jojoba Moisturizer

This treatment should be done every 2 weeks for optimal results for those wanting a full, voluminous afro & don’t forget to plait the hair at night. If the big afro look isn’t what you’re after but you still want your hair to be soft, you should be using just the JO’M Hair Softner Spray (step 2 above & sold separately) after shampooing.

Q: What makes JO’M different to other natural brands on the market?

A: JO’M has 100% natural ingredients. That means no chemicals, parabens or sulphate. There are brands that claim to be natural but are not 100% natural. If natural & artificial ingredients are mixed, the artificial ingredients will overpower the natural ones. It’s important to read the list of ingredients on the label. The earlier on in the list an ingredient is mentioned, the more of it the product contains & vice versa.

We are in the process of being Ecolabel certified. The standards for this certification are very stringent & means that JO’M products will have been audited to:

  • Contain only safe ingredients (i.e. no banned ingredients)
  • Packaging is biodegradable/recyclable
  • Not tested on animals

I’d encourage everyone to visit the Ecolabel site: where you can get more information about harmful ingredients.

Hope this was of help. Be kind to your hair!


JO’M Cosmetics (PTY) Ltd

+27 21 836 8211 (Cape Town)

+34 97 218 3347/9 (Spain)

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