Black Women’s Transitions to Natural Hair

Ahead of anything else, let me reiterate that how you wear your hair is your business. In bashing another’s choice you’re really just showing that you’re not confident in your own. There are so many options & no matter which one you choose, the common ground we all share is that we still need to take own care of our (own) hair, even if it’s tucked away under your choice of braids or a weave etc. Healthy hair is what matters.

The concept of the ‘natural revolution’ driven by politics or fashion isn’t really an idea that speaks to me. My big chop came from a place of wanting to lose the years of shame I carried in my hair. Everyone has a story. Every natural can remember the date, time & place they took the leap & will give you the long-winded version if you offer your ear (I know I have!).

Today I’m sharing the story of British Nigerian filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa that first appeared on the She set about making a documentary about her own journey of going natural & in doing so struck up conversations with women on the street at random in what she describes as a silent movement driven primarily by self discovery & health (I LOVE!).

Click on the picture to start the video. (Source:

You can watch the clip by clicking on the picture above or here (try as I may, it wouldn’t embed, grrr!). It’s a 5 minutes story that really speaks to me, even though I’ve now watched it at least 7 times.

Today Zina Saro-Wiwa is 36 years old & lives in Brooklyn. You can read her full story here.

PS its the 9 month anniversary of my big chop, update to follow soon! Here’s my 4 month update & my 6 month update if you missed it – I have learned so much!

Be kind to your hair!


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  1. Tendayi says:

    Loved the video 🙂

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