Gold Mine Cafe – not so much…

I’m always very excited to find new food spots & doubly so when they’re in my neighbourhood (Jozi CBD), so imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Gold Mine Cafe right in our street! They opened in September this year & we had noticed the renovations & bright lights these last few weeks but it was finally time to check it out.

Gold Mine Cafe is actually part (& attached to) the Reef Hotel, a 4* hotel & conference venue in the heart of Jozi.

Everything from the decor to the staff uniforms are on theme


  • That it’s in town, my ‘hood & walking distance from our apartment!

There’s a good variety on offer & its all well priced.

If you’re in a hurry there are also ready-made meals available to grab on the go.


  • The business hours – they’re open till 10pm  7 days a week!
  • The decor & the underground/mining theme, really different.
  • The food is very affordable (should have sounded my alarm bells!)


  • Unfortunately, the food. The Hawaiian chicken burger I ordered was not good.  It was a filleted breast, but there wasn’t much of it and there was something amiss with the sauce on the burger too.
  • The chips tasted like the oil had been recycled one too many times.

If I ran the place

  • I’d up the quality of food significantly. If the price needs to go up with that, that’s ok.

Need to know

  • Secure parking is available if the restaurant is to be used for year-end functions or events.

We left after settling the measly bill of around R52 (1 shared burger & chips + 2 sodas) and while it was great value, my hubby put it well when he said we’d have gotten more satisfaction from a McDonald’s meal for the same money.

I was so excited to stumble on Gold Mine Cafe & wish I had a better story to tell of my experience. That said, it could be a bit harsh to judge them off just one meal, so maybe I’ll be back for another try although it won’t be anytime soon :/


Gold Mine Cafe

58 Anderson Street, Marshalltown

Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 (0) 11 689 1000


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2 Responses to Gold Mine Cafe – not so much…

  1. vuyi says:

    Looking at the exterior part of the cafe, my expectations were so high, but the kind of service was not up to standard, starting from a welcoming by the waitress , its a no, no,no after greeting she just looked at us ,seeing that there was no menu infront of us what happened to the usual question like” have you been assisted” we had to request the menu cos she was frozen. we were hoping to have the buffet , but the menu provided , there were no vegies , it was stew, pasta and some fries , for a buffet you need to have a variety so that you choose , if the price for the meal is not enough rather increase the price and provide more , lastly we dont want to see bags of potatoes and carrots on the floor, they must remain in the kitchen we want to see them cooked not raw on the floor. Since you are catering for the tourists and some ordinary poeple visited the hotel , please improve the service, you dont want the tourists to eat at your restuarant because they do not have a choice.

    • Hi Vuyi,
      Thanks for your comment. I couldn’t agree more. It looked promising from the oustide but didn’t nearly deliver. In our experience the service was actually good but the food was rather disappointing. Like you said, I’d be happy to pay a bit more… W

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