Clear skin in minutes (really!)

After a 10-year heartbreaking struggle with cystic acne (arguably one of the worst kinds),  coupled with severe scaring, model Cassandra Bankson, 20, has figured out exactly how to cover even her worst breakouts flawlessly herself. From San Francisco California, Cassandra is now famous for sharing her tips with the world on YouTube where she speaks frankly about her battle (& her triumph) & best of all isn’t trying to sell anything.

Cassandra with & without make up (source)

Her acne was so severe that it covered 80-90% of her face & extends to her neck, chest & back. She left public school in favour of private school due to painful bullying. There she worked closely with teachers one-on-one so much so that she graduated from high school 2 years early, with grades that enabled her to study at Stanford! In her spare time she researched solutions to her acne online & experimented endlessly with cosmetics.

This is how she does it…

I love the honestly with which she speaks & she doesn’t claim to be any kind of expert always referring people to a dermatologist. Instead, she’s just sharing her knowledge & her own experience of whats worked for her. Today she has modeled extensively, most recently in New York Fashion Week & her videos have over 45 million views!

There is hope!

I often get complimented on my skin & can’t really say I have any ‘secrets’ per se somehome I think I just got lucky. I do try to take good care of what I’ve been given though. For more on my own skin care routine & to see me without any makeup check my posts here & here.



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