SA’s 1st albino model

I came across a Legit leaflet for their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign which I probably wouldn’t normally pay much attention to but their bold choice of model grabbed my attention immediately. Meet Refilwe Modiselle, SA’s first professional albino model & one of two ambassadors for Legit’s Dont Tell Me What To Wear campaign.

I love that she has embraced what makes her different; what would usually be the thing she’s teased about & used to discriminate against her & turned it on its head to her total advantage.

How stunning is she?

Refilwe is only 26 years old  & was born in Rockville, Soweto.

She’s not just a pretty face & graduated from Varsity College.

Her modelling career started at 13 when she did a shoot for Y Magazine. She has appeared in fashion spreads & catalogues in magazines such as Elle & True Love & has also modelled for the likes of like David Tlale & Machere.

The ad is pretty amazing. Very different to anything the brand has done….

Her confidence is astoundingly clear & she attributes it to the way she was raised, saying “I like to think I am unique rather than different & I believe I am blessed.”



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