Some of my Asos favourites

If I haven’t already tempted you to do some online shopping, this will surely do the trick 😉

I’ve rounded up a couple of my favourite favourites from Asos over the last while. My personal style is more classic vs. high fashion so if I love something (& these days I only buy things I love, ‘like’ doesn’t cut it), I’m going to wear it even if it is ‘last season’ – I don’t really care.

Asos Midi Dress with Drape Waist – R210. This dress is so forgiving of my non-existent 6-pack!

Lipsy Leopard Dress – R225 (I love animal print & I love maxi dresses = score!)


Asos Waterfall Ruffle Top (sooo pretty) – R238 & Asos Double Breasted Blazer – R280. Both work well in my business & casual closets.

Asos Front Twist Blouse – R224. I had to have this as soon as I saw it. It’s so different from anything else, plus it softens my power suit & heels.

Asos Textured Off-Shoulder Bodycon Dress – R182


Asos Suede Platform – R280 & Leather Multiwrap Belt – R196 (did I mention that I looove leather!?!)


Asos Red Leather Bow Gloves – R112 & Patent Leather Clutch – R168

Ok this is for Winter, but I can’t get enough of this Asos Fluffy Seam Tunic (R140 – what a steal!). I got it in grey as well! I wear mine with charcoal leggings & tan knee-high boots.

Asos High-Waisted Button Front Pants – R252. Its been years & I’ve never fallen out of love with the high-waisted look yet….

I’ll be doing a round up of some local shopping sites, watch this space for details soon. We have some really good options in SA too!

PS how hot are all of these Asos models, its insane! I feel a few girl crushes coming on… Oh & if you missed my post about how to shop online at the likes of, you can catch it here.

So….. see anything you like? 🙂



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