24 hours in Dubai

Should we, shouldn’t we – that was the debate when we made our travel plans to Istanbul, unsure whether we should do a quick stop over in Dubai. I’d been before, though it was more than 7 years ago & since hubby hadn’t, we decided what the heck.

We stayed 2 nights en route back to SA but landed & subsequently left Dubai at rather odd hours so it effectively came down to us having a day to tick the boxes we wanted to.

We stayed at the Dubai Sands Apartments which, at the risk of sounding spoilt was just really sad having come off our boutique stay at the House Apart in Istanbul & more so since it cost 3 times the latter.

The heat was indescribable, somewhere around 40 degrees & add to that the humidity. It literally feels like there’s not enough oxygen in the air just to be able to breathe so as much as we wanted to explore, we limited it to indoors & started with a (air-conditioned) bus tour of the city.

Enjoy these pictures from our Arabian adventure 🙂

This is a city of skyscrapers & each one built seems to be with the main purpose of out doing the last!

Inside Dubai Mall, the largest shopping centre in the world which includes an aquarium, souk, ice rink & hotel. With 1200+ stores Dubai Mall gets over 54 million visitors a year, that’s more than Times Square or Central Park! I couldn’t. Take. Another. Step.

We had a yummy lunch at TGI Fridays. More New York than Dubai really, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to try it.

Goodbye Dubai! Taken from the plane as we ascended on the flight back to SA.

What a trip! I hated that it was all over, but after almost 2 weeks, my own bed beckoned 🙂


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