The World’s best coffee…

That’s the tagline of Cramers Coffee that first caught my eye when I passed by them – a tough one to ignore when you’re married to a caffeine addict! I’ve already raved about how much we love living in the city & one of our new pass times is taking walks in our ‘hood. It was on one such walk that we discovered Cramers Coffee & they’re just a skip from our apartment – bonus!


The outside seating area of Cramers on Harrison Street.

All drinks are made fresh & on demand!


  • The coffee! They make a really good cup & they go all out on the latte art!
  • I love the vibe especially when it’s busy. It’s mostly people grabbing a quick cuppa & running back to the office.

There are plently of pre made snacks to choose from, all fresh & yummy. I discovered that they serve Bean There (you may know them from 44 Stanley) which sealed the deal – Cramers was in my good books for life!


  • They open at 6am during the week, so plenty of time to get your fix if you work in the city.
  • There’s ample comfy seating (I hate drinking/eating on the go) inside & on the sidewalk, the latter is my favourite if it’s sunny out.
  • We’ve had good service every one of the half dozen+ times we’ve been back.


  • Not a darn thing!

If I ran the place

  • I’d get them to deliver to our flat 🙂

Need to know

  • They’re open till 1:30pm on Saturdays (they’re worth the drive into town, promise!) & closed on Sundays.

Also, you must try the white hot chocolate when you’re there. They add a touch of chocolate sauce for decoration but it makes it even yummier! And just for laughs have a look at how Cramers will help to get your loved ones off that bad coffee & onto theirs 🙂


Cramers Coffee

17 Harrison Street (corner Main Street), Marshalltown, Johannesburg CBD,  South Africa.

+27 11 833 2699


About Wisaal

Reformed shopaholic. Absent sister. Unapologetic perfectionist. Trainee wife. Severe OCD. Cat person.
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2 Responses to The World’s best coffee…

  1. Katlego says:

    Thank you so much for the blogpost!
    you really got the Cramers team inspired.
    Thank you for the support – we do deliver to Anderson street

  2. Hey Katlego, good to hear from you. You guys totally rock! We’ll keep visiting lots & when we’re lazy we’ll take up the offer on that delivery 🙂 See you soon! W

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