Kiehl’s – now available all over SA…

Kiehl’s has taken the SA beauty scene by storm just a few weeks ago & if you still don’t know them you are more than missing out. Make your way down to Edgars Sandton City & load up on some samples – they’re not stingy, promise!

I met the Kiehl’s team before the launch back in September & this is a brand unlike any other, catch up on what sets them apart here:

They talked back then already about having a wider reach only I never thought it’d be so soon! Yup, on the back of their massive success to date as well as their sold out October Rubybox offer, Kiehl’s has decided that the wait is over Mzansi!

Effective immediately Kiehl’s is available nationwide through Edgars’s existing Fashion Hotline call centre.

The Kiehl’s store is a store-within-a-store at Edgars Sandton City

If you’re not familiar with the Fashion Hotline service (though I’ve heard of it, I’ve never used it either!) it’s typically used when you go in-store & can’t find an item you like in your size for example. The store then finds out which store in SA does have stock in your desired style & size arranges it to be delivered to you. Pretty cool huh?

Some of the Kiehl’s products on display – there is lots to choose from!

Here’s how the Kiehl’s Fashion Hotline offer will work:

  1. Orders must be placed via the Edgars Fashion Hotline on 0860 692 274 (NB you need to know exactly what you want to order)
  2. You can choose to have your products delivered directly to your home/office at a fee of R50 or to your nearest store for free (the latter would be my choice, I’m frugal like that!).
  3. The delivery lead time is around 5-7 working days.
  4.  Payment can be made via Thank U cards (i.e. your account), credit or debit cards or cash when collecting in-store alternatively online via Thank U or credit/debit cards.

If you’re less familiar with the Kiehl’s brand or just need some advice on products or pricing you can call the Kiehl’s Sandton store on 011 685 7000 or Kiehl’s Customer Advisory on 0861 001 085 ahead of calling the Edgars Fashion Hotline for more detailed information.


  • It’s awesome that Kiehl’s have responded so quickly to the cries of customers in the rest of SA  – afterall they officially launched less than 2 months ago!
  • Kiehl’s sure have chosen the right partner in Edgars – with their large store footprint this means you can get Kiehl’s well, almost anywhere in SA!
  • It’s a pity that everyone outside of Jozi won’t be afforded the Kiehl’s “try before you buy” (sampling) philosophy at its cornerstone, not to mention an uber cool store, meeting Mr Bones & one of the best retail customer service experiences ever.
  • I think this solution would work best for re-ordering (i.e. once you’ve tried a couple of things know what you really want) but…
  • Kiehl’s have quite a large number of SKU’s (products in their lineup) – if you don’t know the brand it can be somewhat overwhelming, even over the phone.
  • I was expecting them to go with an online store format instead, but hey you know what they say about beggars…

Nonetheless I think it’s great that Kiehl’s is now within everyone’s reach.

Happy shopping!

PS Kiehl’s reviews still to follow as promised!



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