The gorgeous curls I spotted in Istanbul

My own journey with my hair that catapulted some 10 months ago makes it impossible for me not to notice natural gorgeous curly hair everywhere I go and Istanbul was certainly no exception. And so I indulged in some people-watching at every opportunity and after a while admiring from afar wasn’t enough so I decided approach some of the ladies I saw on the streets. I’m not a stalker, promise! 🙂 It can be kind of awkward approaching a stranger but every single one of them indulged me and were so open and friendly about our common passion – gorgeous natural, kinky, curly hair.

I mentioned in my last post just how culturally diverse Istanbul is (locals and tourists alike) and the ladies I ran into are a true testament to that. They were from as far afield as Somalia to Brazil and what a treat even running into a South African – I love how unmistakable our accent is!

Without further ado, let me introduce you to these beauties and their to-die-for locks. I asked the ladies where they were from and I’ve noted exactly where in Istanbul I ran into them introduce you to a few of the sights…

Melony van der Merwe, South African :), living in New York at the underground subway.

The world is smaller than you think! Look at how long her hair is – drool! Also those aviators are on my lust list!

Duygu Guzel, Turkish at Kanyon Mall.

Soft, romantic curls, very pretty!

Hoda Samater, Somalian living in Seattle, Washington at Istiklal Caddesi.

 I loved this up style and hope to pull it off when I have some length to speak of that is 🙂

Ozge Enginoz, Turkish at Istiklal Caddesi.

I’m hoping my hair will look something like this as it grows out – love!

Renata Santos, Brazilian, lives in Portugal at Istiklal Caddesi.

Looking so hot in animal print. I loved her accent too – gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!

Alssiona Galeyeva, Turkish at Istiklal Caddesi (ok we hung out there a lot!).

She mentioned her dad is Angolan. She’s soooo cute, would you look at that face!

Friends Vanessa Hunt, English & Leila, Tanzanian but lives in Sweden at the Istanbul Modern Art Museum.

What a cute pair – I bumped into them twice this day (it really was meant to be!). Leila recently did the big chop to go natural – I’ve certainly been there, best of luck lady!

Hope you enjoyed these – it was so much fun to put together and there’s more to come.



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