So I traded my gym membership for a spa membership – at Pyramid Day Spa

I’m no fan of New Year’s resolutions, but at the start of this year I kind of made a resolution of a different kind – to stop the pretense called my gym membership (and the constant teetering on the edge of losing it!) and so I took out a membership of a different sort instead – at Pyramid Day Spa.

I’ve been a regular at Pyramid Day Spa for more than a year now, though my membership is probably about 9 months in. Even as I rack my brain, I can’t actually remember my first visit, but I can tell you it’s been bliss from the start!

Relaxation areas – inside or outside, as you prefer…

As you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Jhb CBD and having this spa a mere 3 km from home and work is a treat and a key part of why I signed up to be a member.


  • I love attention to detail and Pyramid does this really well. E.g. when you call to book, they send an email confirmation (I’m big on professionalism!) and they also ask for your gown and slipper size – all of which are ready and waiting for you in a locker with your name on it on arrival – and stored in their system for your next visit!

Really love all these details – still tickles me every time!

  • All treatments above R350 (except for some special offers, but they are clearly indicated) include a meal. The food is really good and freshly prepared on site! There’s even a sushi menu if you’re keen to splurge!
  • The hours – they’re open 7 days a week (including almost all public holidays) and till 7pm on weekdays – plenty of time to grab a pedi after work!

  • They have the standard facilities you’d expect of any spa, but the hammock in the garden is unique and one of my favourite hangouts especially with drink and a couple of magazines!


  • They offer a wide variety of services, which  includes eye lash extensions and more recently a holistic healer (who is a trained GP)
  • There’s something for everyone – couples, corporate groups and they even have pregnancy packages.
  • The service has been consistently good in all the time I have been going. When I raised a query, it was attended to & resolved efficiently.
  • Memberships offer great value and don’t expire as long as you have credit (no pressure, rather unlike gym!)


  • That I can’t get there as often as I’d like to but all that’s about to change… J

A typical treatment room – some, like this one has its own private outside shower.

The change room area, including the jacuzzi and steam room, bliss!

If I ran the place…

*sigh* I wouldn’t get any work done

On a more serious note the thing I love most about Pyramid Day Spa is that it’s a plush, unexpected oasis in the heart of the rough and tumble of Jhb CBD and its places like these that are helping to turn the corner of the perception of the city being dirty, unsafe and avoidable at all costs.

Need to know…

Pyramid Day Spa have different specials on every month which is a good way to try the spa out if you haven’t been before – be sure to sign up to their newsletter/sms database.

Oh & this award-winning spa has become a very popular spot even amongst celebs so call early to avoid disappointment.



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