Instagram walking tour of Soweto

I got lucky enough to tag along an Instagram walking tour of Soweto (who knew anything like it existed!). I met some great people and also had a fresh view of Soweto as I’d last been about 3 years before to show my folks around.

You’ll know I’m a big fan of Jhb CBD and more specifically the rejuvenation of the CBD (its slow but it is happening!). One of the things I’ve made a conscious decision to do lately is be a better tourist in my own city and country whichever nook or cranny of it I find myself in.

I must also add that this was also my 1st real experience with Instagram (yay that we can now get it on Google Play!) and I was lucky enough to have the use of a Samsung Galaxy Note for the day, which I have ermm decided to hang onto ever since and have used for basically all the pics on this blog 🙂 I got a 10 minute tutorial in the car on the way there and was surprised at how easy it (the Note & Instagram) was to use.

Enjoy some of the pics of the day….

 1st stop – the Soweto towers and no, I just watched 🙂


I was very surprised to know that in the years that it was operational, the towers were not even used to manufacture electricity for the residents of Soweto!

Above and below pics were taken just outside the towers…

Poser 🙂

At 8115 Vilakazi Street – The Mandela House has changed a lot (at least of the outside) since I was first there about 7/8 years ago and is now more of a museum and seems more organised. I didn’t go in this time but I do hope that they’ve managed to preserve the authenticity of the house.

A school group getting a history lesson at the Hector Pieterson Memorial.

Colourful sights in & around Vilakazi Street.

Its been more than 2 years but  I can’t stop beaming with pride at any reminder of the Soccer World Cup 2010…

This was a really fabulous and different day out, hoping to gate crash many more!



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