Life Day Spa Rosebank – an unexpected adventure

One Winter Sunday afternoon I was told not to ask any questions and as we hopped on the Gautrain, I knew I was in for an adventure!

In no at all time we got off at Rosebank and started walking – & not in the direction of the mall! Utterly confused, I stopped asking any questions since they were all being ignored anyway but my mind continued to boggle as we walked through the leafy suburbs.

Out of nowhere, appeared Life Day Spa Rosebank and hubby’s dubious actions were quickly forgotten as I discovered I was booked in for a 60 minute hot stone massage – he’d even managed to sneakily pack my swim suit and all the toiletries I’d need – too cute!

Relaxation area and one of the complimentary spa facilities – the pool.


  • The place is gorgeous – I love the modern, clean, minimalist decor – very tastefully done.
  • Overall the spa was very luxurious – one of my favourite things was the walk in shower – very roomy
  • This is a weird one but I loved the ice tea that they served. I normally avoid iced tea but had at least 3 glasses – yum!

Pedi station – don’t these pics just make you want need one? 🙂


  • The service was good throughout the spa, most especially my masseuse (I now wish I’d noted her name) she was awesome, so friendly.

Even the change rooms were super plush!


  • Not a thing, really!

I really enjoyed my treatment – since it was so cold outside a hot stone massage was dreamy! I especially loved the touches that I hadn’t experienced before e.g.  the heated socks eye pad on  – I was sooo snug!

Relaxation areas – outside (left) and inside (right).

If I ran the place

I really didn’t know this spa existed even though I (& you!) must have driven down this road hundreds of times in my life, so I ran the place I’d  get the spa out there more – it’s a gem!

Need to know

Go early, they have great complimentary spa facilities (pool, sauna steam room & relaxation areas) you can use before or after your treatment.


Life Day Spa Rosebank

26 Bolton Road

Tel: +27 11 447 2255


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