Win a pair of True Religion jeans worth R5400!

Think premium jeans and you’re undoubtedly thinking True Religion.

Founder Jeffrey Lubell’s vision was to redefine the premium denim market by offering a product that was based on the principles of superior quality and all-American heritage. True Religion is revered for its timeless appeal, great fit and 1970’s vintage inspired style that celebrates an authentic spirit of love and the art of rock ‘n roll.

Both designer and entrepreneur, Lubell’s innovation started at the sewing machine & he established trendsetting elements such as thicker threads in a multitude of colors, lock seams, hand-embroidered finishes and leather embellishments. These were the touches that brought to life brand that embraces the motto: “It’s all about the fit.”


Established in South Africa in 2004, True Religion (SA) has mirrored the global success chronicled by True Religion Apparel Inc. The pioneer brand of the premium denim market in SA, True Religion has become a well-known and well-loved brand embraced and is endorsed by many prominent figures such as Beyoncé, J Lo, Giselle Bündchen, Ludacris, Miley Cyrus, Collin Farrell and Megan Fox.  At home the list includes Lee-Ann Liebenberg, Bokang Montjane and Loyiso Bala to name a few.

True Religion is sold at over 125 standalone stores worldwide and is distributed to 50 countries on six continents. The good news is that True Religion is now also available at selected Stuttafords stores  (Sandton, Eastgate, Gateway, and Botswana) or online at Zando.

I got super lucky and won a pair a while back. I was nervous because I choose the style, colour and even my size over the phone. Soon after, a bootleg in a dark wash, super-soft to the touch and fitting like a dream arrived beautifully packaged on my desk!

But don’t take my word for it though, you’re in luck too! I’ve got a pair of True Religion jeans worth R5400 up for grabs & all you need to do is comment on this post – simple as that!

If you’re keen and want an extra entry (you must first still comment as per above), you can do any (or all!) of the following:

  1. subscribe to this blog (see follow button alongside) OR
  2.  follow me on twitter (@wisaal) OR
  3. tweet about this competition with the link to this blog post (…ns-worth-r5400)  remember to tag me (@wisaal) in your tweet.

Best of luck – competition closes  in 2 weeks on Monday 17th September 2012!



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55 Responses to Win a pair of True Religion jeans worth R5400!

  1. Thalis says:

    Now this is a brand of jeans you can still rock at a corporate company while looking the part!

  2. Would love to rick this jeans at the Loerie Awards coming up! Cannot wait to be part of the action styling a pair of Brand New True Religion Jeans!! Oooh yeah!

  3. Ntema says:

    Nothing makes a girl feel sexy than a pair of fitting quality jeans!! I would LOVE to own a pair of True Religion Jeans!!

  4. Lindi Atieno says:

    I totally need to win these jeans! And you know I already follow you on twitter & subscribe 🙂

  5. Ruhin says:

    Anything Wiscellaneous rocks must have universal rock star status! I wanna rock this pair of True Religion Jeans tooooo! woot! woot! 🙂

  6. Tendayi says:

    What a great giveaway!! Would looooooooooooooove to win this!

  7. keith says:

    These are really cool jeans!

  8. Thabie says:

    Wow,I really luv ths jeans,would be an honor to own a pair!;-)

  9. Isha says:

    I love love love True Religion Jeans! I would be head over heels in love with you if I was to win a pair! Your blog rocks! With love from your old hometown….

  10. Zeenat Nana says:

    OOh Wisaal…. I have a serious love affair with Denim. Can practically live in them! Winning a pair would make my day, no wait my year…..

  11. Which fashionista (besides @BMTsmith) doesn’t have True Religion Jeans?! LOVE LOVE. LOVE

  12. Kavita says:

    WOW! Cant afford them but I can certainly try and get my hands on a pair! 🙂

  13. Imrah says:

    Wow, I would love to win a pair of True Religion jeans!

  14. Melanie says:

    Thanks Wiscellaneous for this opportunity to win an absolutely awesome prize. True Religion sadly is something I’d never be able to afford or justify spending money on. So…fingers, toes and everything else crossed..xx

  15. Leslie Hutchinson says:

    I would love to win a pair of those true religion jeans spoken about in this post. Have wanted a pair for awhile now and still don’t own a pair yet.

  16. Babalwa says:

    Love ur blog….even more with the True Religion jeans give away.

    I know we can’t all win but hey…a girl can dream!

  17. veebruin says:

    Great competition! And winning these would be the perfect way to end a great birthday weekend (coming up) 😉 I haven’t been able to splurge on myself since the birth of my son. This would more than make up for it. And seeing as I am the 15th comment, & 15 being my favourite number….

  18. Alex says:

    I’m both flabbergasted and strangely intrigued that they make jeans (denim!) that cost R5400. But if not, why not?

  19. ezra prinsloo says:

    The true religion jeans has been promoted and sung about by the pop group Black Eyed Peas. Their Jeans Makes Levi’s look like tracksuit pants and Gstar look like sweats. Unbeatable style vintage look with a modern edge for any occassion and style.

  20. siphoethu Tshangela says:

    Wearing a True religion vintage jean clearly defines a man’s style of living. In this new generation they call it swag, I would love rocking them and feel like Ludacris.

  21. siphosethu Tshangela says:

    I like jeans, but I need to have this type of vintage in my collection to make it the best. The colour, thicker threads and handed ambroidery is what makes it to establish its competitive advantage.

  22. Lebogang says:

    OMG, what a great price. I would sooo love to win this. Computer system, please please choose me. I tweeted.

  23. Roxanne says:

    This would be a dream come true! I would so love to rock out in a pair of True Religion jeans!!! 😀

    I’m hoping to get lucky!!!

    P.S. I also followed u on twitter (@Roxi_23) and I tweeted about the competition also! I reeeeeally wanna win this 😀

  24. @wisaal This would be the most expensive item of clothing I’ve ever owned. #Keen

  25. Yes please!!! I have 7 pairs of jeans, none of which work perfectly for me 😦

  26. Lexi says:

    Tweeted, followed and now ready to rock some cute jeans

  27. True religion jeans are too real,when torn or even worn with a cheap piece to match along,this brand speaks to me and I totally agree that so much style that celebrates an authentic spirit of love and the art of rock ‘n roll,I’m a huge fan and too amped about this give away,

  28. Busisiwe says:

    I don’t own a pair of premium jeans. Trues are a classic, it will be a great add (and upgrade) to my existing jean collection

  29. arcona mahamba says:

    Would be an honour and priviladge to wear and own
    such jeans that personify anything that is style

  30. Ferdi van Niekerk says:

    I would like to win this amazing pair of jeans!

  31. richard says:

    look like stunning denims

  32. sam says:

    I really need a pair of new jeans! Have subscribed to your blog, already follow you on twitter and have tweeted as @samiola_88. Fingers crossed 🙂

  33. Lizzy Kistiah says:

    I love the way these jeans look! Ive seen Mr SA, Andrew Govender wearing them and they look gorgeous.

  34. Tarryn Schoeman says:

    awesome blog and amazing competition.

  35. Adele says:

    Love this, i live in jeans so would love to own a truly awesome pair!! Subscribed to your blog, following on twitter and have tweeted about the giveaway, now just holding thumbs 🙂

  36. I am looking at that pair of jeans that the man model has on and I must say wow! Those jeans are hot! I mean, I have scrolled up 5 times to look at them! It would be awesome to own a pair! And if it is a girl-jean, no problem, I know of a special someone who will love it too! Btw, I loved your Cape Town pics!

  37. rehana seedat says:

    I would love to win a pair of True Religion Jeans. Have tweeted and subscribed to this blog. Twittername:online61524

  38. Hendrik says:

    This is awesome guys!

  39. naznifique says:

    What a lovely blog! I’m sold to it. I come and read it again and again. Now having to stand a chance to win true religion jeans is a cherry on top. I love this blog and the owner. She’s nice and always reply on twitter.

  40. Tatjanochka says:

    I am totally sold for this jeans. They are sooooooo cool! I would love to be able to rock them this summer. Also following you on twitter.

  41. samira4ot says:

    would love a pair-i bought my first pair at cavendish many years back. loved them so much that i wore them out until there were holes at the knees (after 4 yrs)!….

  42. Jassika Sheikh says:

    Awesome prize. Tweeted and liked.

  43. Eek I’m so excited to give this away!

    Im loving reading each and every one of your comments! 5 more days, closes Mon 17th September.

    Remember if you havent already, you can get extra entries by:
    1.subscribe to this blog (see follow button alongside) OR
    2. follow me on twitter (@wisaal) OR
    3.tweet about this competition with the link to this blog post (…ns-worth-r5400) remember to tag me (@wisaal) in your tweet.

    Easy peasy!

    Oh and PS for those wondering its a pair of your choice for either ladies or gents (in your size obviously) to the value of R5400!

    Good luck!


  44. Tamlyn Dollie says:

    Nothing feels as good as True Religion does @t_dollie001

  45. nuzhah says:

    I would really love this!!!! 🙂

  46. Sherri-Lee says:

    So nice that you paying it forward in some way 🙂 it was nice reading that you got lucky once(that must of been an overwhelming experience of rainbows and butterflies :-), and now you posted this awesome competition on your blog! REALLY REALLY into this brand jeans, it has an oh so lovely fit. I always admire it on passers by, it seems it makes anyone look even better than they already do:-) . Now thats good design for you! Was cool reading your blog, glad I came across this post. Happy Blogging, I look forward to reading your next! Have an awesome weekend!! xoxo Sherri-Lee

  47. Success says:

    Mmm I like the pair of Jeans can’t wait to own the new ones #quality

  48. fathima mahomed says:

    WOW…Love this…did all of the above @ fatzzzzzz

  49. ahmed says:

    Would be great having a pair of these jeans for any ocassion

  50. Leila says:

    Loved that this True Religion blog gave me some background on why True Religion is such a premium brand….. Now I just have to win a pair to experience it.

  51. Whittaker says:

    What an exciting ‘Sleek, Fab & Sultry’ opportunity – Tx’s Wiscellaneous.

    No One has a complete denim collection without a pair of True Religion.
    ( Who knows – Its bound to temp you in “ Changing your Religion 😉

    OAN 😉
    (on another note) :
    Loooove All your Wiscellaneous Blogs – Offers a Captivating, Informative Relaxing read.
    ( Would definitely love to someday dive between the covers of a Wiscellaneous Novel ;
    Fictional or non 😉

  52. Mikhaila Roman says:

    Amazing blog! Would love to add a pair of True Religion jeans to my collection.

  53. Love all the entries, getting ready to do the draw soon, I’m stoked! Do check back soon to see who won, I will also announce on Facebook/Twitter. I wish I had a pair for every one of you….
    Sherri, Shelley (Whittaker) and Mikhaila, thanks for your words, keeps me motivated 🙂


  54. OMG! Am I too late? Dying to win a pair of these sexy True Religion Denims! I keep thinking of Jermain Dupri’s line about True Religion Jeans in “Dem Jeans”….daaaayum how can I get my my bootay in a pair of these jeans? What I gotta say, what I gotta do? P.s I am following you on twitter and my heart is in Cape Town too, what a coinkiedink, born and bred here.

  55. OMG! Am I too late? Dying to win a pair of these sexy True Religion Denims! I keep thinking of Jermaine Dupri’s line about True Religion Jeans in “Dem Jeans”….daaaayum how can I get my my bootay in a pair of these jeans? What I gotta say, what I gotta do? P.s I am following you on twitter and my heart is in Cape Town too, what a coinkiedink, born and bred here. Pick me?

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