Fro update – 6 months already!

Its already been 6 months since I traded my relaxed locks for a fro!

I hadn’t seen my natural hair for 14 years so I really wasn’t sure what would grow from my head & I really have been learning as I go along.

My hair has turned out thick, curly and surprisingly very, very strong!


Some of my learning’s & observations to date:

Natural vs. Relaxed vs. Braids vs. Weaves

  • It’s a personal choice you don’t have to justify to anyone. Bottom line.
  • The natural brigade really don’t need to hate on the rest – we were all there once too. I reiterate – it’s a choice.


  •  I have to style my hair from wet every morning – especially as it gets longer and thicker
  • The only downside is that I leave for work with my hair a bit wet – brrr!
  •  I don’t ever use a brush or comb (not even a wide toothed one) as it “breaks” the curl in my hair and makes it look fluffy (I don’t need extra volume, thanks!)
  • You can read this previous post for more on my regime and choice of products.


  • It seems impossible for my hair to get enough moisture – I’ve got some thirsty tresses! Lucky I have an oversupply of hair products 🙂
  • I’ve been doing coconut oil treatments overnight at least weekly with great results.
  • I’ll be trying olive oil treatments instead next, just to see if there is any difference, keep you posted.

The best part of my new ‘do is that I have practically zero hair breakage – this was a major concern when my hair was relaxed and it felt like it snapped off 24/7. My husband’s favourite line was “you shed like a race horse” and it was true! Part of achieving the strength in my hair has also been laying off heat 100% (blow drying & flat ironing) – I was addicted before!

My only wish for my hair is that it can grow quickly sothat I can wear my dream hairstyle of my girl crush Tracee Ellis Ross – but I’m consoled that I’m already 6 months closer to that dream now than I ever was!

If you have any (inexpensive) tips for hair growth – please, please share!

Whatever you do, be kind to your hair!



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Reformed shopaholic. Absent sister. Unapologetic perfectionist. Trainee wife. Severe OCD. Cat person.
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