Caviar for your hair – Kerastase Chronologiste

So I’m a bit of a hoarder particularly when it comes to hair care products, but last year this time my hair priorities were in a very different place.

I was wearing my hair relaxed and in a bob as I had been for 15+ years and with my wedding coming up, I had 2 main priorities: growth & nourishment. That made it impossible to say no to Kerastase Chronologiste when I was first told about it at Hair Studio as I was getting a wedding trial done one weekend.

Kerestase themselves call it the finest hair treatment they have ever made. A “Restorative Concentrate” for hair and scalp of all types, it renews and strengthens every fibre on your head while soothing and hydrating your scalp. I felt like it was packing a whole lot of TLC back into my hair that I had taken out through relaxing, blow drying and flat ironing incessantly.

Kerastase Chronologiste comes beautifully packaged in black box (I’m shallow like that!) and all the tools you need are all included.







The treatment comes in two parts:

  1. The pearls (i.e. the “caviar” and magic ingredient) in a 50ml pump
  2. The cream in a 200ml jar


  • After shampooing, towel dry hair. I like using a clarifying shampoo ahead of applying any treatment
  • Add ten pumps of the pearls into the small bowl provided
  • Fill the rest of the bowl with the creamy treatment up to the indicator line
  • Use the enclosed spatula to mix the two ingredients together
  • Part the hair and apply in sections from the scalp right through to the ends of the hair
  • Massage in for 5 – 10 mins
  • Instead of rinsing off immediately after above, add a small amount of warm water to create a rich lather and massage this through the hair for a further 2/3 mins.
  • Rinse well

I’ve used this treatment both on my relaxed hair and on my fro but understandably the results were much more noticeable on the former since my hair was more damaged then. My hair was incredibly soft and even as I did the usual blow drying and flat ironing immediately after the treatment back then, I could notice less breakage than usual. And none of the usual flaking on my scalp – it was clean and moisturised. Not to mention that Kerastase Chronologiste, like everything that Kerestase does smells absolutely beautiful.

On my fro this treatment works very well too & I’ve continued to use it. My hair was left feeling like a velvety carpet and maybe its psychological but it did seem stronger too. I love that this product is focused on hair and scalp care as the latter had been a batter for me in previous years. I’ve come to believe that good scalp care is at the foundation of good hair care.

Kerastase Chronologiste retails for R2800 and one kit amounts to about 10 applications on average. Steep, agreed. I’ve decided to supplement this for my usual in salon hair treatments and save that way. Available at selected fine salons.

Be kind to your hair!


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