Top of my lust list – Porsche Design

I eagerly made my way back to the Porsche Design store to have a closer look around and experience the store again this time in the company of my favourite shopping companion – yes I took my better half along. And unlike our usual trips to the mall, not much dragging was needed when I mentioned exactly where we were off to!

Walking into the store I was surprised all over again by how much I was drawn in immediately – there’s so much gorgeous stuff catching my eyes it’s really hard to focus!

I veer straight to the ladies department where a red leather jacket (known as the P’1140 RawTec Blazer) calls my name. I’ve always been a sucker for red and any one of my friends will vouch that I am besotted with leather. Who was I to disobey?









As I take the blazer off the rail its silky soft to the touch – completely unlike any of the leather jackets I own. It really is so simple & beautiful (yet sexy!) in its design that I have to have a good look at it before I put it on. Its top stitched and completely unlined. Made in Germany, the softness of its texture can be attributed to the full grain lamb’s leather, which is specially coated on the inside the shop assistant tells me. Amazingly the leather is not doubled at any point of the blazer, giving it its extraordinary unique look. Instead, the leather is laid down end to end, sewn with a zig-zag seam (yes really, a zig-zag seam!) and lastly welded with a tape as seen on the right in the picture above. Like I said before, if God is in the detail, then His Church is Porsche Design.

I slip it on and it’s so, so comfortable and light. None of that stiff feeling and “plasticky” squeak when you move that I’ve become accustomed to with leather ordinarily. It’s tailored perfectly (I have curves ok!), warm and fits like a dream. Just as I suspected, me and this blazer were meant to be!

No surprise then, that the P’1140 RawTec blazer has just been awarded the international red dot product design award for 2012, recognised as the “best of the best” in the Fashion, Lifestyle and Accessories category. The design quality is unrivalled. And when form and function meet, the result is puristic and timeless – the very ethos of Porsche Design.

Now breathe out. That’s quite enough lusting for one day….


This post was originally written as the 3rd of 6 entries into the iFashion Porsche Design bloggers competition for which I was a finalist. See original post here:


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