Porsche Design – it’s not about the car…

“If you analyse the function of an object, the form often becomes obvious.” ~ Ferdinand Alexander Porsche grandson of the Porsche founder and designer of the Porsche 911.


When you first enter the newly opened Porsche Design store in Hyde Park all the reasons that prevented you from setting foot inside sooner quickly fade away. The sales assistants are friendly as can be and completely unintimidating (as we wish they all were!) – ready to tend to you but in an unimposing manner.

Porsche Design is one of Europe’s premier design houses. The Porsche Design Studio is in Austria and is characterised by producing objects of desire that are understated in their design, timeless, functional and at the very cutting edge of technology. And the merchandise! The merchandise is just a sight to behold and if you can imagine, even more beautiful to the touch.

The first thing you need to know is that Porsche Design has little to do with the car. Yes, really! It’s about design. Which explains why the infamous Steve Jobs is mentioned as a fan. Porsche Design has gone further and partnered with the best in the industry to make boats, planes, motorcycles, pianos and just generally make dreams come true in a beautiful and simple exercise of form meets function.


The store boasts a collection of lifestyle products for men and women including casualwear, sportswear (co-created with Adidas), home ware, electronics and a vast range of accessories. The latter is my personal favourite and this spans bespoke luggage, iPhone/iPad cases, wallets, sunglasses, pens and a collection of watches that will make you want to clock-watch.

Porsche Design is about lifestyle products for a discerning customer who doesn’t need to be sold on quality vs. quantity. It’s about the lengths they have gone to to create each item to make it, well perfect in its simplicity.

Surprisingly, only around 15% of their customers are Porsche drivers – this is not about getting accessories to match your car. And Porsche Design gets that as all the branding (written as “PD”) is subtly done and there isn’t any sign of an actual Porsche anywhere in store – not that we’d mind too much if we caught a glimpse of that iconic 911….

I’ve always been a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Porsche Design exemplifies just that.


This post was originally written as the 1st of 6 entries into the iFashion Porsche Design bloggers competition for which I was a finalist. See original post here: http://www.ifashion.co.za/index.php?option=com_myblog&show=porsche-design-its-not-about-the-car.html&Itemid=144


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