Lusting on… Porsche Design

Just as I reluctantly peeled the award-winning red RawTech P’1140 leather blazer off my booty and got my breathe back, another beauty caught my eye…

 Exhibit B: the off-white cashmere turtle neck

 Before I even touch it, just looking at it on the shelf I could already see the delicateness of the fabric. When I do pick it up, its best described as well, fluffy. Imagine if you could touch a cloud it would feel like this Porsche Design cashmere jersey…

A couple of years ago, bored with the same-old same-old mass production of retail, much to shop assistants horror, I started to actively look at the wash care labels of items I was considering buying in-store to see what the fabric composition was.  Leather, pure silk and pure wool became decadent (if infrequent) additions to my closet but they were always worth the wait & splurge. But cashmere, pure cashmere is a level of luxury I still aspire to…

Made in Italy, an established market leader in cashmere (nothing less would do for Porsche Design) it’s silky soft on my skin. I could tell it was surprisingly warm in just the couple minutes that I wore it and yet so lightweight. I literally gave myself a hug while I had it on. Another unique feature I loved was the beige seam detail on the sleeves – I’ve never seen anything like it, ever. A selling point for me when checking the wash care instructions was that its hand washable which is great and saves vs. having to dry clean.

No look would be complete without accessories and the laptop bags were irresistible to me. I’ve always maintained that those black company-issued Targus laptop bags should be reported to the Fashion Police! I mean really, it doesn’t go with anything in my closet! I fell for the red again – the colour really pops and is such a statement.

The leather felt (and smelled!) great and looked very durable. The handles were attached to be flexible (making it easier to carry) and the zips had a very smooth motion. It’s so beautiful and classically simple I may even be tempted to wear it as a handbag!


An item I missed on my 1st trips to the store was this hardcover notebook available in A4 or A5. Now I’m a die-hard Moleskin fan like the rest of you but this was such an interesting twist I think it’s going to be my 1st Porsche Design purchase. Look closely and you’ll see that instead of being ruled like traditional notebooks, it has fine polka dots as a guide and in a couple of places in between, you’ll find Porsche Design sketch to distract you from whatever meeting you’re in.








Exhausted and dreamy, I looked around to gather up my husband and prepared to leave the store, but not before being told what his favourite item is – the sneakers. Made in Germany, with steel pins in the back to support the foot and underneath to help grip as you drive. And the sole is actually welded into the shoe he excitedly tells me.

 I mention that the watches are said to be a firm favourite of Steve Job`s and he immediately lights up and insists he needs to see the range. Watches is an art that Porsche Design doesn’t take lightly having lead innovation in this sphere for more than 30 years. So much so that they were even commission to make a particular diving watch by the German navy. A watch isn’t just a watch we learn as we’re talked through the functionality of chronographs (stopwatch function) and recalibrating (moving between time zones). Even seeing the watch being taken out of the display unit (automated at the push of a button) adds to this sleek experience.

And as we exit the store, just as we’re out of earshot of the shop assistants he goes on to subtly mention it’s his birthday soon! 🙂



This post was originally written as the 4th of 6 entries into the iFashion Porsche Design bloggers competition for which I was a finalist. See original post here:


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