For the love of hair…

Hi, my name is Wisaal & I’m a hair-o-holic.

Recently, whenever a friend or a salon recommends I try a new hair product, though often tempted, I always decline (well I try to) saying that I’m completely overstocked at home and must use up all that stuff first.

Exhibit A:

Sadly a fair amount of this will have to be tossed or donated as it’s not really suited to my hair anymore since I did the big chop a few months back.  Truth be told I’m a beauty-o-holic as I’m pretty sure it would be a similar state of affairs if I had to unpack all my make-up, skin care and heck even just my toiletries stash!

I know some people probably didn’t believe me (heck I wasn’t sure just how much stuff I had myself!) so I’ve taken this pic of all the hair products I have at home (excluding travel sizes) mostly as a reminder to myself just in case I ever feel an itch to buy something. Hopefully this will do all the convincing needed to keep my purse closed and walk away. Far away……

Be kind to your hair (and your pocket!)



About Wisaal

Reformed shopaholic. Absent sister. Unapologetic perfectionist. Trainee wife. Severe OCD. Cat person.
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2 Responses to For the love of hair…

  1. Tiishetso says:

    OMG – im not the only one! I feel so much better lol! i need to find my groove

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