My fro so far…

On the 12th of February 2012 (yep, that’s 4 months ago today) I took a deep breath and took an even bigger leap of faith – I decided to get all (well most) of my hair cut off and start over.

I remember when I called my mom to tell her the news. “What do you mean? How short did you go?” she asked. In the end it only hit home only I sent her an MMS. Though my hair feels like old news to me by now, it’s still great to bump into someone I haven’t seen in a while and see their reaction. And the reactions have been a mixed bag and I can appreciate that, even when that reaction is “but why, I loved your hair”.

I’ve been for 2 trims since the big chop – I must say that Rocco at Bijan takes his work very, very seriously! Initially some of relaxed hair had to stay on on top just to give my haircut a bit of style and shape but now the transitioning is all done, every hair on my head is now 100% natural. So now that my hair is at the point I wanted to get it to, I’m hoping to cut down on the trimming and just let it be – I’m keen to see what it does.

Hair care routine

  • I try to do a pre poo (isn’t this just such a funny word!) with coconut oil before I shampoo but I don’t often remember or have time but I need to cultivate this discipline going forward.
  • I keep a host of shampoos on hand depending on what my hair needs & I bounce around between Kerestase, L’Oreal Serie Expert, Wella SP and Goldwell ranges for either moisture, strength or a clarifying shampoo.
  • I shampoo twice a week, sometimes thrice (which is the same as when I wore my hair relaxed). I’ve tried washing once a week as this seemed to be the general recommendation for black hair but this just didn’t sit well with my OCD tendencies.
  • With each wash, I end with a deep conditioning treatment (matched to above shampoos). I don’t generally use conditioners, I feel like they’re too light.
  • I try to keep the treatment on (towel dry hair before applying for better efficacy) for at least 15 minutes. I used to do this while my hair was wrapped up in a towel but I’ve resorted to using a shower cap instead as I read the towel could absorb some of the product. If I have time I wrap a warm towel (warmed in the microwave) over the shower cap – great in Winter 🙂

Day-to-day styling

I wear my hair one of two ways:

The first is what I call “dry” which is just running a bit of dry oil through my hair – I like Kerestase Elixir Ultimate or Kerestase Serum Oleo Relax or for this – it’s a non greasy formula and smells amazing! I had a small Moroccan Oil sample for a bit too and this also worked very well.





The second look is one that came to me more recently, the “wet” look where right after I step out of the shower I would pat my hair dry and rub in a curl activator. For this look I would use Redken Ringlet 07 Curl Activator, Kerestase Nutritive Crème Oleo, or Label.M Curl Souffle.









I have a zero heat policy with my hair – no hairdryer, tongs or flat irons for me – I just want my hair to be…


  • My hair definitely feels stronger and thicker than it’s ever been – almost too much so!
  • Key result for me is that I have seen no breakage at all. Yup in 4 months, I’ve not witnessed a single hair break off or shed – it’s a massive result as with my relaxed hair I could constantly see bits of hair around my desk/couch pillow/shower as a result of shedding.
  • I’m really loving the time this has put back in my life – I no longer need to plan my life around my hair J I have been warned this will change as my hair grows though!

Now what?

Well, now nothing. The plan really is to just let my hair grow out and see what it does. Perhaps by Summer I’ll have more length to play with and more of an idea of what I’d like to do next. For now I’m just giving it loads of TLC.

My hair icon is Ellis Ross, who you may have seen in the sitcom Girlfriends – she’s the daughter of Diana Ross.









I absolutely love her hair, not to mention she is so beautiful. Her curls are amazing and what I like about the way she wears her hair is that she still has quite a bit of versatility in terms of the styles she wears her hair in – she is definitely rocking it!

I don’t think I’ve ever used Google quite as much as I have in the first few days after I did the big chop and there is just so much information out there it’s quite overwhelming. I initially almost jumped on the avoid-all-products-with-sodium-sulphur-parfum-and-alcohol (the list goes on!) bandwagon but it was just exhausting and meant I would have to toss practically everything I owned!

Now if I could just hit the fast forward button and get my locks to grow already! I’ve loved this journey so far and am nervous and excited for what’s ahead!

If you have advice/tips/thoughts whatever please share, I’m open to it all!

Whatever you do, be kind to your hair!



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Reformed shopaholic. Absent sister. Unapologetic perfectionist. Trainee wife. Severe OCD. Cat person.
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4 Responses to My fro so far…

  1. Nuzhat says:

    I absolutely love your new do!
    I would kill to have a ‘fro! I think, or rather I know, I would rock that look 😉
    Instead I’m left with kinda straight-kinda wavy locks! But I admit, I DO love my hair! Its versatile and easy to manage! I’m still jealous of you though! Lol *jokes*
    I am amazed at the attention you pay to your skin and hair care! I’m a no mess no fuss kinda girl! I’m too lazy bones to add that extra special touch!
    I totally admire the respect you pay to the temple God has favoured you with!
    And I love reading your blog!
    “Stay fierce and fabulous”

    • Thanks for the note, Nuzzie!

      Your kinda straight kinda wavy locks are my all time favourite – means lots of versatility. But I guess thats part and parcel of being a woman, hey, never quite satisfied!

      Hope all the wedding planning is going well, I miss it! you guys look super cute together!

      Keep reading and stay in touch…


  2. Anna says:


    I stumbled across your blog by acccident and what can I say we had a similar experience when doing my big chop even with the brazialian treatment option LOL!!! Glad to know that I am not doing anything wrong, hardly comb my hair too. Looking forward to more blogs from you!

  3. Hey Anna,
    Thanks for taking the time to write me! Gosh sounds like we walked down the very same path – how long ago did you do the chop and how is your hair coming along now? Keep checking back to the blog especially this upcoming week as
    I’ve got 2 more fab fro posts coming 🙂

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